Fortnite: How to Revive Teammates in Pro 100

Fortnite: How to Revive Teammates in Pro 100

Fortnite: How to Revive Teammates in Pro 100

The second batch of Fortnite the Cosmic Summer challenges is now available and can be found on the Pro 100 Creative map. One of the challenges requires players to revive their teammates in Pro 100. This must be completed a total of 20 times. Fans who are having trouble with the Cosmic Summer challenge may find this helpful.FortniteThis guide can be of assistance.

Note that enlisting the help of another player is the fastest way to complete “revive teammates” in Pro 100. Fortnite fans who have a friend they can help with are advised to form a group. Players can also load into Pro 100 to search for someone willing to work with them. There will be many players available for this challenge, so it is worth looking.

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Once a player has decided whether they want to tackle Fortnite Cosmic Summer alone or with a friend, the next step is accessing the Pro 100 Creative map. Players will need to switch to Creative mode, select Discover, and then click the Island Code tab. To enter the map, players should enter 3424-1388-947 in the blank box they encounter.

Fans should load into Pro 100 and navigate to the alcove with couches and chairs at the east end of the map. To receive 1,000 coins, they should approach the couch in the area’s northwest corner and interact with the couch. Then, players should take the coins to the vending machines area on Fortnite’s Creative map on the south side. Finally, they can use the coins to buy two Rocket Launchers.

If the player is playing with a friend, they can now give their Fortnite Rocket Launchers to the friend and ask them to use it repeatedly to down themselves. Fans will revive their friend between each level, and it shouldn’t take too long to get the required 20 revives. The Rocket Launcher can be used by players to help their friends complete the challenge.

If you are a fan who will be entering Pro 100 alone, it is possible to get a Rocket Launcher and use it for self-downs. You might be able to attract the attention of another player who is trying to complete the challenge. They may even be open to trading revives. The vault is a great place to set up this scenario since it is well-protected against opponents.

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