Griftlands: The Best Unique Battle Grafts

Griftlands: The Best Unique Battle Grafts

Griftlands: The Best Unique Battle Grafts

To survive in the harsh and dangerous world of Griftlands by Canadian indie developer Klei Entertainment, players will need to take advantage of Battle Grafts, which grant great passive effects. This is especially important in the first portion of the game, which follows Sal’s revenge plot against Kashio.

After players have reacted against the antagonist in one or more of Sal’s story modes, they can unlock Brawl mode, where they can engage in a series of negotiations and battles. This new feature includes Unique Battle Grafts, which often surpass other Battle Grafts’ combat potential. They also have passive effects that can make a grifter an unstoppable force.

Chain 5Void

Effect of the Void Chain Battle Graft

  • A random creature joins your side at the beginning of every battle for the duration of the fight.

The Void Chain Battle Graft is So Good

If the owner is determined to have the best permanent companion possible, it can be very costly to train, upgrade, or heal a pet.

The Void Chain ensures that you will always have an ally who will divert the attention of your enemies. The Void Chain will cause enemies to attack Sal less, which is incredibly helpful in all combats. There is no responsibility or guilt for the summoned creature’s death since they were not required to be obtained.

Relic from 4Tomb

Effect of the Tomb Relic Battle Graft

Why the Tomb Relic Battle Graft is So Good

The best tactic for any build is to gain free actions that can be used to purchase higher-cost cards in battle. Sal can do this with different levels of potency through the Tomb Relic. This Battle Graft effect will only activate if the player has 6 or greater cards in their discard pile. One will need to track this variable to plan attacks and maneuvers.

This Battle Graft allows players to be more flexible with their decks and the average cost of each card. The Tomb Relic also allows for strategies that allow for higher types of both.

3Merged glass

The Merged Glass Battle Graft:

  • Your defense is reduced by half instead of being removed at the beginning of your turn.

The Merged Glass Battle Graft is So Good

Players can usually only protect themselves with Defense they have gathered during a turn. However, Merged Glass Battle Graft allows the player to keep half the Defense they have accumulated on the previous turn.

Sal can add more defense to shield herself from more damage if the enemy doesn’t take out all Defense before Sal’s next turn. This is a valuable tactic against bosses and enemies with predictable but devastating charge attacks.

2Ether Hook

Effect Of The Ether Hook Battle Graft
  • At the start of each battle, Improvise+ a random Ability card that will cost 0 until played.

Why The Ether Hook Battle Graft Is So Good

Improvising means playing a card in Sal’s hand after drawing 3 specific ones from a predetermined list, with the plus (+) version of this effect granting the chance to select from 5 cards instead of 3. This is normally a handy trait that is better suited to decks built around the Improvise mechanic. However, the Ether Hook targets rare and action-expensive Ability cards that can let players string together tremendously overpowered strategies.

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Ability cards are so rare and expensive to play in the battle that balance deters gamers from stacking a ton of passive effects to become some super-grifter. However, with the Ether Hook, Sal can somewhat ignore this notion and insert a couple more high-cost Ability cards into her deck to draw and play one for free at the start of every physical confrontation.

1Torrid Clone

Effect Of The Torrid Clone Battle Graft
  • The first card you play each turn is played twice

Why The Torrid Clone Battle Graft Is So Good

Playing any card twice at the beginning of each turn is overwhelmingly powerful, as players can double-up on Abilities, attacks, and maneuvers of any kind. In addition, the simplicity lends the Torrid Clone’s effect to very satisfying versatility that can enhance literally any build that one can imagine.

At any given point, players can unleash attacks at 200% power, protect themselves with a wall of Defense twice as thick, or even stack Abilities for much greater passive potency that can further increase the potential of every attack and maneuver.

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