In Valorant’s Current State, KAY/O is Anti-Meta For Better or Worse

In Valorant's Current State, KAY/O is Anti-Meta For Better or Worse

In Valorant’s Current State, KAY/O is Anti-Meta For Better or Worse

Moving on to Episode 2: VCT Masters in the wake of VCT MastersValorantIt finds itself in a remarkable spot. Riot GamesCS: GOThe beta version of the -adjacent hero shooter was released last year. It received a lot of praise, even though many compared it to Valve’s competition shooter. One year later, ValorantRiot Games’ esports lineup includes the like league of Legends. As the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions begin to ease and the world becomes more open, tournaments and competitive play become more popular. Every day, ValorantContinues to receive a lot of new content, including new agents such as KAY/O.

KAY/O is the latest Initiator class Agent to join the fight. Each agent in Valorant has a unique supernatural ability that contextualizes the equipment. KAY/O’s abilities are the opposite of this in both form AND function. KAY/O, a machine designed to kill “Radiants,” is an accurate description of how his kit is used. KAY/O’s abilities all suppress combatant’s equipment except their guns and are therefore anti-ability. KAY/O seems to be an anti-meta pick. This episode may prove to be incorrect.

Valiant’s distinguishing feature over Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is its “hero” abilities. Like Overwatch, Agents of Valorant have unique abilities to load out their character’s character in-game. Although the core game’s skill-based gunplay is important, the ability to change the course of games can be just as important. Even after Act Two’s balance changes, abilities aren’t uncommon in Valorant. Even with price changes and significant buffs/nerfs for all Agents, abilities remain strong and prominent.

The Episode Three patch introduced many pivotal changes to Agent abilities, ultimate, and almost every weapon in the game. Each Agent’s signature abilities provide one minimum charge for each round instead of once per round. Visibility after flash abilities returns much faster, decreasing the lag between full-flash/half Flash and normal sight. Every Agent had their abilities modified for cost and effectiveness, especially with Skye and Breach. All abilities and weapons were subject to price adjustments. It is interesting because the idea is to emphasize efficient gunplay rather than excessive ability usage.

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