MCU Uses Disney Plus Shows To Explore Mental Health


MCU Uses Disney Plus Shows To Explore Mental Health

The new emphasis on character development has made it less important to deliver action than on the overarching themes of the MCU. Instead, the focus is now on giving the protagonists the chance to deal with their past. The emotional instability of beloved characters Loki Laufeyson, Wanda Maximoff, and Bucky Barnes have been challenging. However, the new format for Marvel projects on Disney Plus has helped all three of these complex heroes heal after some of the Infinity Saga chaos.

Despite their differences in tone, each series uses trauma as the main focus of storytelling while preparing characters for Phase 4. In addition, fans have already seen significant changes in how their favorite characters are displayed onscreen, thanks to Marvel’s decision that self-growth was a major component of their Disney Plus acquisition.

WandaVision sees Wanda confront her grief. Despite becoming an antagonist in the story, Wanda’s natural reaction to emotional suffering is very humanizing. Except for a few moments during the Age of Ultron or Infinity War, Wanda never had the opportunity to say goodbye to her brother or lover. But she needed to do so to move forward.

WandaVision fans loved WandaVision’s use of her grief to explore her loss. It forced her to examine her own abilities and to look deeper into herself, which set her up as one of the most powerful heroes Marvel has ever seen. WandaVision teaches her the hard way that magic cannot be used to reanimate loved one’s bodies. She also learns that ignoring reality and creating her own universes does more harm than good. Wanda will need to accept the fact that she has hurt many people in Westview. However, Wanda will be able to use her newfound respect for the present to make up for the mistakes.

Bucky Barnes is undoubtedly one of the most traumatized characters from the MCU. He has lost everything he loved and all he knew. Fans were thrilled to see Bucky attend therapy sessions as he struggled with his self-image and came to terms with his past as The Winter Soldier.

Bucky, like Wanda, has identity problems that show he is just like everyone else with feelings and hopes for happiness in a world that has mistreated him. Bucky’s journey through The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was primarily about letting go of who he was forced into being. Now that Hydra has been obliterated, he can accept that he must change to survive in 21st-century society.

His relationship with Sam was an important part of his healing. It proved that he could make amends with people like Bucky Barnes, even though he wronged them as The Winter Soldier. It appears that Bucky finally realizes that he is as much a victim of the people he was made to die as his fans had been saying.

Loki is now more relatable. Fans watched him grieve his mother’s passing and learn that Odin still considers him a son despite the destruction he has caused. Loki saw for the first time that Thor views him as equal and not the shadow Asgardians believe him to be. This was all revealed in the first episode. __S.54__

Loki was also hurt when Ragnarok destroyed his family’s house and left many of his relatives dead. It’s only two episodes into the series, and Loki’s escape with the mysterious new variation suggests that he is returning to his mischievous ways. However, it’s clear that the 2012 God of Mischief is Loki’s very different from the 2012 God of Mischief on The Avengers. __S.57__

This is the main message: Marvel characters’ mental health and well-being are just as important now as the action-packed fighting against evil. While the MCU had briefly discussed the impact of being a hero on characters in the past (e.g., when they shad PTSDfering from PTSD), the MCU’s focus on heroes’ character development is even more important. The importance of saving the planet is now the main focus of Marvel’s tone.

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