Red Dead Redemption 2 Clip Shows Arabian Horse Wind Up in Hilariously Perilous Position

Red Dead Redemption 2 Clip Shows Arabian Horse Wind Up in Hilariously Perilous Position

Red Dead Redemption 2 Clip Shows Arabian Horse Wind Up in Hilariously Perilous Position

WhileRed Dead Redemption 2Although the game is well-known for its realistic gameplay, occasional glitches can be seen, which seem even odder compared to the overall polished nature of the game. One of the most recent additions to this game was oneRed Dead Redemption 2After being run over by a horse-and-buggy, a player captured the perfect example.

The highly-coveted Arabian horse is shown in a brief clip getting stuck in a mind-boggling position. Although details are not available about the incident, the horse was likely dismounted by the player in front of the carriage. This led to the horse being run over. The player’s horse was inextricably tied to a carriage by a passerby and given an involuntary tour around the town.

This clip is a minute long and shows Arthur’s horse upside down on top o a carriage. It is being dragged about town, its legs in the air, while it kicks its legs in high gear. This scene is both hilarious and heartbreaking. However, this isn’t surprising because Red Dead Redemption2 oddities involving horses have become the norm, not an exception. Red Dead Redemption 2’s horses tend to make the game’s physics more complicated than other aspects. One example is when a horse with a magical ability was able to walk on water.

The clip ends with the horse being dislodged or, better yet, its hooves. The clip ends perfectly when the horse thief points his gun at Arthur. Horses are often the victims of much bad luck, even when they’re not the cause of confounding bugs or glitches. For example, a player tried to recreate the Grand Canyon jump in Spirit. Unfortunately, both horse and rider died before they could reach the height of 10 feet.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly one of the most intricate games ever made. Fans still find new things years later, so it’s easy to overlook a few minor errors. Situations like the one in the clip above only add to the enjoyment of Red Dead Redemption2. They offer some relief from the daunting task of completing the entire game. Horses are best avoided if you don’t want to encounter physics-defying glitches.

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