Soulstice Interview: Reply Game Studios Discusses Origins, Influences, Gameplay, and More

Soulstice Interview: Reply Game Studios Discusses Origins, Influences, Gameplay, and More

Soulstice Interview: Reply Game Studios Discusses Origins, Influences, Gameplay, and More

SoulsticeReply Game Studios has a brand new game, which will debut sometime in 2022 on PCs and next-generation consoles. It was announced at E3. This game offers a lot of fun for fans. Soul-like games, action games, games that focus primarily on combat, and action games. This is due to all the influences and new ideas for the story and characters. Game Rant interviewed Fabio Pagetti and Samuele Perseo, developers, about their work.SoulsticeWhat is it that makes the game unique despite the many sources of inspiration?

Soulstice has many enemies. Each encounter offers something new to the players. They will have many strategic options when it comes to fighting the creatures beyond the veil. There are several relevant influences. Berserk?The Devil May Cry?Bayonetta?Claymore?Dark SoulsYou can find out more about it here. This interview was edited to be concise and clear.

Q: This isn’t a Souls-like game. Why did you choose a name that could easily be reminiscent of such a game? Also, what does the word “Soulstice” mean to you?

Page: This title is inspired by a major event in the history of where the game takes place. It is appropriately called Spiritstice. It seems like every game with the title “souls” is automatically a soul. But in this case, it’s actually a wordplay of “solstice” and “souls.” For example, the former refers to Lute’s spirit; the game also features a solstice, creating the title. The game we are developing is not related to Soulslike games.

Q: What is the Soulstice event that you mentioned?

Perseo. We can’t discuss this in-depth as that would require us to have a lengthy chat about the world-building in Soulstice. However, the “solstice” was a kind of cataclysm that took place many eons before the game’s events. There’s a risk that it might happen again. It is not something the protagonists know. It is one of the mysteries that they must unravel as they explore the city, interact with characters, and discover things along the journey.

The Chimeras, an invention, are a weapon created by order. They are an elite group of soldiers fighting the Wraiths and other creatures that live in the city. They have a mission to reclaim Elden. We haven’t revealed yet, but Briar, Lute, and other Chimera are not the only ones in the game. Their story, identity, past, and what makes them unique are at the heart of their story. This story also reflects the story of the rest of the world.

Perseo: We have Dark SoulsDemon Souls, and all the other games like that as a clear source of inspiration for art direction and general tone, this grim and dark atmosphere is more broadly like Japanese dark fantasy settings. Even Dark Souls has Berserk and fantasy fiction worlds as a source of inspiration for them, obviously. So that was an idea for a setting we wanted to investigate and explore since the gameplay references are actually different. They’re mainly Devil May CryBayonetta, and Nier: Automata. Especially Devil May Cry and Bayonetta are set in a sort of fantasy present world, whereas Nier Automata is more sci-fi-oriented, obviously.

We found it interesting that there was room, we thought, for a middle ages world with dark fantasy and a low-fantasy setting in that genre of stylish combat. So we said we would like to take that format of stylish combat adventure games as a genre and then take it from an artistic point of view, from a story point of view, in a direction that maybe is not abused, or not that crowded if you look at the other games that are already on the market.

There are two “souls” in Soulstice: one is more linked to gameplay and the other to the atmosphere, world-building, and lore, and those are references that wouldn’t necessarily come from games but instead from anime, manga, and overall Japanese dark fantasy setting fiction.

Q: What inspired you the most while making the game?

Pagetti: In this industry, normally the third project of a studio is the project of maturity. From the first moment we decided to make a combat-based game, we tapped into turn-based combat with our first title, Lone Wolf. With Theseus, our second game, with Unreal [Engine], we created straightforward, free-flow combat gameplay. We also love certain games like Devil May CryBayonettaNier Automata, Dark SoulsBloodborne, etc. So from the beginning, we thought we wanted to do a combat-based game, but we asked ourselves how and what would make it stand out to be special in this genre.

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