Marvel’s Avengers: Missions and Rewards Updates (Week 43)

Marvel’s Avengers: Missions and Rewards Updates (Week 43)

Marvel’s Avengers: Missions and Rewards Updates (Week 43)

It’s finally here; the Cosmic Cube villain section and limited-time event are finally here. This means that marvels AvengersThis week, players have plenty to do. Many lapsed players will return to the game to see the new content and to earn the rewards. Limited-time rewards through the Cosmic Cube Event.

The Cosmic Cube is now live. Players will find all the challenges and new storyline quests in the Tasks and Assignments area of the game’s interface. Marvel’s Avengers players have been working to unlock the prizes for each hero by completing those time-limited chains. It would be smart to also cross off this week’s rotating content from their lists to receive additional rewards.

This week’s rotation (week43) is live. Heroes have the chance to complete low- or high-priority challenges to earn XP and guaranteed items. While item rewards are exciting for players who are still trying to reach max power level, they might not motivate maxed-out heroes. This week’s rotation will be a lot more popular because of the additional incentive to complete the Cosmic Cube tasks in exchange for additional rewards.

This week’s spotlight should be familiar. The rotating challenges offer new motivation to revisit the missions with the guaranteed rewards. In addition, this week’s missions offer unique challenges that require some strategy and special modifiers to which players will need to adapt. Before you dive in, make sure to take note of all the modifiers. The game’s modifiers are often familiar to experienced heroes, who may have figured out how to adjust their strategy to get through the week without much difficulty.

Weekly Rewards: You will earn weekly rewards as you move through the Mega Hive. These include basic gear, limited resources, and cosmetic currency. You will see more resource drops the more missions you complete. You’ll start to see more gear and artifacts as you get closer to the end. There will also be increased chances of getting patterns/nameplates. You’ll receive exclusive goodies, including high-quality resources, when you complete the eight Mega Hive missions.

  • Pressurization
  • Maelstrom
  • Oasis
  • Goliath

This article covers almost everything heroes need to know to be prepared for the week’s challenges. Keep checking back for more Marvel’s Avengers news and updates.

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