How to complete the Gold’s No Object quest in WoW Shadowlands

Are you stuck trying to complete the Gold’s No Object quest? Korthia, a new area within the Maw was introduced with the 9.1 update. You can do many activities in this area. However, you should pay particular attention to daily quests as these are the best way to improve your reputation with new factions.
However, not all quests are as easy as they seem. I know from personal experience that the quest is difficult for many players. Here’s everything you need to know about WoW Gold’s No Object daily quest. There are also tips that will help you get it done.

WoW Gold’s No Obligation: How to Complete This Quest

This quest can be picked up at Rendle at Keeper’s Respite, Korthia. You can then look at the map to see where seven Drab Gromits are located. This may seem simple, but it can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.

Although the quest objective is easy to follow, the respawn timer for the Drab Gromits is extremely slow, as Reddit users have noted. You’ll have trouble finding even one of the seven. However, they do spawn, as shown in the screenshot below. I was not quick enough to grab it.
You should group together until the spawn rate has been hotfixed or the new area is quieter. A Drab Gromit that is picked up by any member will count for everyone. It might be worth trying something else while you wait for the new zone to quieten down.

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