Minecraft: How to Make a Beacon

Minecraft: How to Make a Beacon

Minecraft: How to Make a Beacon

Beacons were a useful item.MinecraftSince the Pretty Scary Update 2012, players Its beam of light can be used to help adventurers find their way home. However, crafters may also benefit from its ability to give them a boost. Although the beacon can be used for many purposes, it is not possible to know what they are without knowing how to make them.

Once crafted, a beacon is a sturdy item and will drop as one item if it is destroyed. It can give players speed, jump boost, steet, regeneration, and other useful boosts. This makes it a great item for many Minecraft playthroughs.

Players need to have a complete set of items to make a beacon. These items can be anything from commonplace items to rarer items. However, the rewards speak for themself. Redstone players who are not proficient will not have to worry about it. You will need the following items:

  • 5 glass blocks
  • 3 Obsidian
  • A Nether Star

The Nether Star is the most frightening of these items. It can be obtained by killing a Wither. The Nether Star is always available for players who are willing to fight it. Obsidian is made by placing water on a pool of active lava. There’s also a guide for Minecraft glasses that can be used to make Obsidian.

How To Activate The Beacon

Unfortunately, crafting the beacon is only part of what’s required to get the rewards of building it. For a beacon to activate, there need to be certain requirements met. Firstly, the beacon needs to be able to shine high into the sky, so it can’t be placed with any blocks above it. (There are some exceptions, like glass, water, and the ceiling of the Nether itself.)

The most tricky part of making a beacon activates is that it requires to be on a platform that’s at least 6 x 6 of mineral blocks. The blocks that work are iron, gold, emerald, diamond, and nephrite. All of these need to also be the solid blocks of the basic material that can be crafted with 9 ingots.

There are many complicated ways to use beacons, with different pyramid heights increasing the range and strength of boosts, and multiple beacons being used to achieve all six of the powers offered. For the players intimidated by wasting days and nights in Minecraft with complex options for beacons, though, just one is a great help and worth the effort.

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