New Mass Effect Legendary Edition modding tools Release

Mass Effect’s modding community has been working hard on a Legendary Edition toolset. This will allow modders to take BioWare’s RPG trilogy further. The Legendary Explorer toolset has been released to the public beta. According to @MassEffectMods’ Twitter account, “Mod users should get excited because soon you will see proper package-file DLC mods on the Nexus.”
Although this isn’t the final and complete version of Legendary Explorer and it is “NOT STABLE”, as the Twitter account warns. A look at Nexusmods shows that modders (some with prerelease access) have already taken advantage of the new releases.

The DLC Timings Mod delays Mass Effect 2’s DLC mission so they don’t appear until it makes sense. Conrad Verner Memories fixes the bug that prevented Conrad’s fanboy Conrad, Shepard, from remembering that you made the Paragon decision when dealing with him in the original game. BioWare provided some dialogue in ME3 to help him understand his memory loss, which is probably why the Legendary Edition didn’t fix it. These are both the work of Khaar Machinima and require the Mass Effect Manager.

Yes, Mass Effect 2/3 has mods that allow them to adjust the camera angles so Miranda’s back is seen during dialogue scenes. Miranda Butthsots Restored mod describes it as “Now you can enjoy seeing this woman’s rearside while she talks about extremely sad or serious things, just as you used to.

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