Sea of Thieves: How to Complete ‘Strike Yer Colours’ Commendation

Sea of Thieves: How to Complete 'Strike Yer Colours' Commendation

Sea of Thieves: How to Complete ‘Strike Yer Colours’ Commendation

It’s been only a few weeks since.Sea of ThievesAndPirates of the CaribbeanFinally, the line has been crossed and pirate players now have a new epic story to follow. Davy Jones is here, and he threatens the entire world.Sea of Thievesrequiring players to take action. The deadly pirate did not foresee Captain Jack Sparrow being hired as an aid.

Davy Jones is being fought in the Pirate’s LifePlayers are given Tall Tales to complete. These are a great way to earn commendations and it’s best to get them out as soon as possible. Completing all of them unlocks a Pirates of the Caribbean secret. The Tall Tale of the Captains of the Damned has a counterpart called the strike Yer Colours commendation. The details are covered in this guide.Sea of ThievesPlayers should be aware that this commendation pits players up against Captain Barbossa.

How to Complete the Strike Yer Colors Commendation

Sea of Thieves players must have completed the Tall Tales previously before they can start on the Strike Your Colours commendation within the Captain of Damned Tall Tale. When arriving at Isla Tesoro, players should be alert. The Wicked Wench will be leading the attack on Isla Tesoro. He’ll be more focused on Jack Sparrow than on players’ arrival, which is a good thing.

Once you reach the dock, take the left path and climb some stone steps to reach the top. Players will see a group of phantom skulls firing at approaching ships as they turn the corner. Between two of these skeletons will be a cannonball barrel and a cannon. This will give players a place to fire back. After players have loaded and locked their guns, they can fire at the distant ships.

The Strike Yer Colours commendation is completed by hitting a ship with a single shot of cannonballsPlayers shouldn’t worry if the commendation doesn’t unlock on their first hit. Players should try shooting other ships if the commendation does not unlock. Worst-case scenario, players will need to reload the checkpoint. Players who attempt to complete the commendation at any time before the Tall Tale are out.Sea of ThievesPlayers can only fire back on Captain Barbossa’s ships. Ghost ships shot before this section will not complete the commendation.

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