Sims 4: How to Get a Hot Tub

Sims 4: How to Get a Hot Tub

Sims 4: How to Get a Hot Tub

If you are looking for beautiful, fun outdoor spaces.TheSims 4A hot tub is an excellent upgrade. A hot tub can make outdoor gatherings more enjoyable and increase Sim’s happiness and hygiene. Recently, the hot tub was added to the sims 4 is one of the 2021 updates is also included in the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack.

Benefits of a Hot Tub in the Sims 4

A Sim can enjoy the benefits of a hot tub, including relaxation and entertainment. They also keep their Sims clean. A Sim’s backyard can be transformed into a party area with hot tubs or pools. Hot tubs can now be used by children in The Sims. This can be used to keep them happy, healthy, and relaxed. Hot tubs are also great for adult Sim 4 romances and skinny dipping. Hot tubs can be used by up to eight Sims simultaneously.

How to Build a Hot Tub in The Sims

To build a hot tub in Sims 4, players must access Build Mode. After you have accessed Build Mode, select “Room Selection” and then choose the Outdoor option. Next, click on the garden plot. Next, click garden plot. You can also search for “hot tub” to see all options.

The base game gives you access to the Birthday Hot Tub. However, those who have the Patio Sims 4 expansion pack will get two additional tubs. These tubs can only be installed outside and cannot be constructed inside a Sim’s house.

  • Base Game – Birthday hot tub – SS3,000 Hygiene: 3, Fun 3
  • Perfect Patio Stuff Pack Pringo’s Hot Tub SS1,500 – Hygiene: 1
  • Perfect Patio Stuff Pack Left of Center Hot Tub-SS3,575 Hygiene: 3, Environment 4

Upgrading The Hot Tub In The Sims 4

If players have a The Sims 4 Sim with Handiness, they can upgrade the hot tubs.

  • Aromatherapy upgrade: Requires Level 3 Handiness – Upgrade the tub so that it fills the Sim with soothing scents and makes them even more relaxed.
  • Stereo installation: Requires Level 5 Handiness – This upgrade allows Sims to play music in their hot tub for even more fun at parties.
  • Unbreakable: Requires Level 8 Handiness – Makes the hot tub unbreakable.

Having the perfect hangout space in a perfect backyard is a very big challenge in the Sims 4, but with a hot tub and a little effort, players can have a happy Sim that has the backyard everyone wants to hang out it.

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