World of Warcraft: Key of the Inner Chambers and Ring of Self-Reflection Locations

World of Warcraft: Key of the Inner Chambers and Ring of Self-Reflection Locations

World of Warcraft: Key of the Inner Chambers and Ring of Self-Reflection Locations

World of WarcraftThe latest Chains of Domination update offers players lots of new content, including a new faction, the Archivists Codex. By helping the faction collect artifacts around, players can earn the Archivists codex. World of WarcraftThe new Korthia Zone. The Ring of Self-Reflection is a particular object of interest.

Gaining reputation with The Archivists’ Codex

The Archivists Codex offers valuable services to its allies but only to characters who have pledged their loyalty to the Codex by delivering Korthian Relics to them. The Codex will give a form of currency called “Catalogued Research” to players who turn in Korthian relics. Cataloged Research can only be obtained from the Archivists’ Codex. It is only available at the Archivists’ Codex. You can spend it on a range of goods, the selection increasing with each character’s faction standing. Or you can exchange it for Archivists Codex reputation at a rate of 2 to 1.

The majority of Korthian relics a player will encounter in the game are loot. These can be dropped by rare enemies, or taken from chests in Korthia or Desmotaeron. These artifacts are worth between 1-300 Catalogued Search at the Archivists Codex. There are also a few artifacts the Archivists’ Codex will ask players to locate. These quest-related artifacts cannot be dropped or found in chests. These quests don’t require you to have a reputation with the Archivists Codex. However, each quest-related artifact will give you 250 Catalogued Searches and 500 Reputation.

You will receive guests after completing the Missing Relics mission. All characters with Tier 2 or higher standing in the Archivists Codex are eligible to receive Missing Relics. Just speak toRoh-SuirIn the reliquary for RemembranceSelect the quest option “Missing Relics”. Roh-Suir will request that you look around the Reliquary, and then “Commit to Memory” (click on) to see the ghostly images for four missing relics. Talk to Roh-Suir once more, and that’s all for the Missing Relics quest. There are four new quests available. You will not be notified. These quests will start once you have found the items.

All four relics have been locked upRelic Boxes from KorthianAll over the placeKorthia. Each one requires a unique key that can be purchased from Roh-Suir to access 25 Catalogued Research. Unlock the box containing the Ring of Self-Reflection.The Key to the Inner Chambers. These unique keys are not restockable so don’t lose them (or as some players say, buy more before they expire). Missing RelicsYou’re out of luck. Blizzard should be able to resolve the problem.

Retrieving the Ring of Self-Reflection

Once you have the Key of Inner Chambers, Head to theVault of Secrets. The western entrance of the structure is where you will find the box that contains the Ring Of Self-Reflection (coordinates 43.8 and 76.9). To open the box, you will only need to have the key in your inventory. The Ring of Self-Reflection quest is now available to you. Accept it, go back to the Reliquary of Remembrance, and speak to Rot-Suir once more, and then you’re done. You will receive handling of DuplicityFor your trouble, you can summon a ghostly double-crossing that mimics your emotions once an hour.

The Key of the Inner Chambers will also be yours. Like the three Archivists Codex keys, this key is tied to an account and not to a particular character. Alts can therefore skip Roh-Suir to buy them.

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