Project HP is a gorgeous medieval PvP brawler that will melt your rig

The Korean gaming giant Nexon announced its next major title but it does not yet have one. Although Project HP might make PC Gamer UK readers think about delicious sauces, it is actually a PvP combat game with stunning visuals and minimal system requirements. The trailer shows in-game footage. It’s very shiny.
Project HP’s tagline reads “On this battlefield, we break and rise again”, which refers to a central mechanic that allows players to turn to stone and crack apart while players who are performing well can summon or become stronger heroes (the trailer does not make it clear which).

Nexon will be running an alpha testing for some of its PvP options in the coming months. This includes a 16-vs-16 map called “Strife” and a 12vs12 one called “Advance”. The game is primarily focused upon melee combat using the usual weapons (swords spears, maces etc.) but also includes magic skills.

Eunseok Yay is the director of Project HP. He is a company veteran who has produced titles that might not be familiar to westerners but have been hugely successful elsewhere: Vindictus (Mabinogi Hero in Korea) and Durango, Wild Lands. Yi explained to Inven, Korea’s leading media outlet, that he prepared the game so that players can experience the excitement and climax of the battle in a destructive and beautiful world. In case you didn’t notice the swords or stuff, he clarified that it was all about “brutal actions.”

Nexon emphasizes that this is a premium triple-A PC title, which is aimed at the upper end of the market. The downside to those visuals (the teaser video is in 4K and 60FPS), is that the minimum requirements for the title are quite high. You will need an Intel i7 CPU and 16GB RAM. An Nvidia RTX2060 or higher is also required.

Although the site contains limited information, it is still available. Although there is no release date, applications for the beta test are open now until August 6. The alpha test will then run for four days. It’s not possible to apply for the alpha test if you aren’t Korean.

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