Styx speedrunner uses literal in-game flowcharts to cut through levels

Speedrunning requires a lot of work to understand the game’s logic. It’s important to understand how the game operates, where it makes checks and how it orders them. Speedrunners are able to create a flowchart that helps them get through each stage. However, it is rarely as precise as the one in Styx Shards of Darkness.
Summer Games Done Quick’s annual speedrun fest is currently in progress. Heat Signature developer Tom Francis noticed a bizarre skip in Tohelot’s Styx run last evening (thanks to RPS). The game logic for levels is actually embedded in the geometry of the level. You can find the way to get there and then you can leave your goblin footprints all around it.

Tohelot explains that the database contains all information regarding the level objectives. To access this data, one needs to press the buttons and then click ‘yes, we did it’ to move on to the next level.

These charts can be used to quickly test the level’s logic, but they also allow the runner to tell the game that he has completed a map’s objectives. The same chart can be reused across levels because the game frequently uses maps.

To reach these charts takes some work. Tohelot’s commentator points out that it is often faster to speedrun a mission like normal. His full run can be seen on Twitch. Summer Games Done Quick 2021 is still live until Sunday, July 11.

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