Dark Souls Player Beats Tough Boss Just by Rolling

Dark Souls Player Beats Tough Boss Just by Rolling

Dark Souls Player Beats Tough Boss Just by Rolling

the dark SoulsA franchise attracts a unique type of fanbase. There are dedicated fanbases who love to read every word of every game.Dark SoulsThese is the most loyal. These players will not only uncover every secret, but they will also be the most loyal. Dark SoulsGame has to offer, but it will break the game beyond expectations. DontRachQuit from Twitch, who was defeated in the latest instance.Dark SoulsJust by rolling, the infamous Ornstein bosses and Smough bosses.

DontRachQuit faced Ornstein, Smough with such limited and difficult intentions. Normally, rolling in Dark Souls does not do much offense. Although it is possible to trick an enemy off a cliff, there are no real ways to kill a boss or skeleton. DontRach Quit created a mod to make sure she started Dark Souls equipped with an armor set called Armor of Thorns. This set can deal between 10 and 50 damage depending on the enemy being rolled into it.

The fight is not as easy as just putting on your armor. DontRachQuit spent six hours trying to fight the fight. He rolled into Ornstein and Smough in this order. It took DontRachQuit over 40 minutes to complete the successful attempt. It wasn’t the hardest part of rolling into Ornstein or Smough to cause damage, but surviving their attacks.

It is hard to overstate the difficulty of the Ornstein/Smough boss fight, even if they are defeated through thorns. They are within reach of some of the most difficult bosses in the Souls franchise. Smough can one-shot players with his powerful attacks. Ornstein, however, is fast and frustrating. The attacks of the pair are not coordinated. The attacks of the pair are not always planned.

“I did it! I beat them!” They were defeated! After finishing the boss fight, DontRachQuit stated that it was difficult. Soon after, the wireless Xbox controller’s batteries went dead. Her victorious effort wouldn’t have been possible if the boss fight had taken five minutes longer or if she had died earlier and needed to run one more time.

DontRachQuit’s Dark Souls roll is only the latest challenge she has taken on for her viewers. She’s also done a one-handed Dark Souls 2 run and has played two Dark Souls 2 at once. There are many more challenges.

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