Destiny 2 Solstice Glitch Gives Infinite Legendary Shards

Destiny 2 Solstice Glitch Gives Infinite Legendary Shards

Destiny 2 Solstice Glitch Gives Infinite Legendary Shards

Gaming glitches can lead to a host of problems, from harmless fun to dangerously damaging your game or making it useless. One was recently discovered destiny 2This category includes glitches.

Destiny2 players discovered an exploit that allows them to farm an infinite amount of Legendary Shards. They can do this by purchasing and salvaging items from an outfitter in-game. In a Tuesday video, Cheese Forever, a YouTuber, showed viewers how to do it. It was later shared by a Reddit user on the RaidSecrets Subreddit.

The exploit is quite simple. Destiny2 players must first acquire any Majestic Armor sets. Keep one of the pieces in your Vault. After the item has been removed from their inventory, players will be able to “recover” it by Eva Levante at The Tower. This service costs just 5,500 Glimmer. The Destiny2 Season Pass allows players to dismantle the item up to four times for Legendary Shards. The player can then trade the Shards to get Materials which they can sell Spider for more Glimmer.

Reddit user pastuleo23 explained the math. Four Shards can be exchanged for 20 materials. Players can then sell the 20 Materials for 10,000 Glimmer. The spider can only purchase certain materials on specific days, so players will need to plan accordingly. The player can buy four pieces of armor from Eva for 10,000 Glimmer and then scrap them for 16 Shards. This is a profit of 12 Legendary Shards each time the player does it. This makes it a fairly powerful Destiny 2 exploit.

This glitch may be recognized by some players as the same one that was encountered in the Guardian Games event back in May. It is possible that none of the developers noticed it being reintroduced by Destiny 2’s ongoing Solstice of Heroes. Bungie has not yet fixed this recurring bug.

MMO players are particularly adept at finding exploits and bugs. Destiny 2 players discovered a bug last month that allowed them to revive the original Lunafaction Boots perk. Initially, the Boots automatically reloaded weapons for players when they were inactive Warlock Rifts. Bungie has removed this perk to balance. The original bonus can still be activated for players who are located at the Vault Of Glass on Venus. As of June 30, the bug was still in effect.

Destiny 2 received its latest update on July 6th. Assuming the exploit doesn’t move to the top of Bungie’s priority list, it could stay put for at least a little longer.


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