Fantasy RPG Wildermyth has all the adventure and humour of a D&D homebrew

I love a fantasy RPG with a good story, but aside from one main dude, it’s difficult to give a party of five or more characters their own time in the spotlight. But after playing Wildermyth, I came away chock o’ block with stories about my group of hearty adventurers, so many I could write a book, and only after playing a handful of hours too.

It’s kind of incredible how a small games studio from Texas has managed to pull this off. Wildermyth uses both deliberately crafted tales and procedural stories spun from character-driven traits to create a truly dynamic RPG. Characters fall in love, create bitter rivalries, grow old, have children, make terrible decisions, leave behind legacies, and eventually die. Everything they go through is folded neatly into the major story and it’s pretty spectacular.

My Wildermyth squad is named the Northern Slayers, a group of rag-tag women who enjoy a good punch up and friendly banter (which is what I was going for in the character creator). There are hundreds of scripted micro-stories your party will slip into, although conversations change drastically depending on your team’s personalities. One member of the crew, a loveable snarky archer named Tess, had a luck feat and claimed that she could set off in a completely random direction and always come across some treasure. After a short adventure ending with a gorgon battle and zero loot, she didn’t half get an earful of playful jests from the rest of the party.

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