Loddlenaut Dev Talks Benefits of Kickstarter and Wholesome Games Direct

Loddlenaut Dev Talks Benefits of Kickstarter and Wholesome Games Direct

Loddlenaut Dev Talks Benefits of Kickstarter and Wholesome Games Direct

Each year, more people become aware of the various indie games being developed—one example of such an indie game isLoddlenautA, partially inspired by another, a game of underwater adventure. Subnautica is an underwater game.OrABZU. InLoddlenautThe role of interstellar custodian cleans up the ocean trash surrounding GUP-14, an alien ocean planet. Toddles are cute sea creatures that can be rescued and raised by players.LoddlenautThese are the main gameplay elements.

Ricardo Escobar (programming and tech art) and Jin-Young Sohn (art, 3D modeling, and level design) are the two developers behind Loddlenaut. Their NYU thesis has now become the indie studio Moon Lagoon and a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Escobar spoke to Game Rant about Moon Lagoon’s indie game and how Kickstarter and Wholesome Games played a crucial role in Loddlenaut’s journey.

A Kickstarter Campaign for Indie Developers: The Benefits

Anyone who has been following the development of an indie game will have likely encountered Kickstarter. The site has had many success stories, including Coral Island’s recent Kickstarter campaign that earned over $1.6 Million. Anya Combs (the platform’s Director for Games Outreach) was the first to show Escobar the potential of Kickstarter. She confirmed Escobar’s desire for a Kickstarter campaign to support his game’s advancement, particularly to raise awareness.

“Kickstarter is an excellent way to raise funds and build a community behind your game before it goes live.” We reached out to Anya Combs from Kickstarter and have been in touch with her since last summer.

A successful marketing strategy is essential for any Kickstarter project to be successful. Loddlenaut was invited to participate in Wholesome Games’ Wholesome Direct. This showcased various titles, including the Moonglow Bay fishing RPG and the inclusive match-3 Indie game Spirit Swap. The game of Moon Lagoon would be showcased before thousands of people. Escobar said they had to choose when Kickstarter would go live.

“Wholesome Games said that it would launch on Saturday at the start of E3. We thought about whether we should wait or launch on Tuesday. We don’t want Breath of the Wild2 to be our competition. We decided to launch on a day that would otherwise be a poor day for Kickstarter. This was in the belief that everyone will support Wholesome Games. Our stats show that a large portion of our funding was directly from Wholesome Games.

After Nintendo’s Direct, Breath of the Wild 2 was the most popular Twitter account. This would have made Loddlenaut difficult to distinguish. Loddlenaut reached over 50% of its initial crowdfunding goal by launching simultaneously with the Wholesome Direct. Escobar stated that Moon Lagoon owes Wholesome Games for this opportunity. It really shows how partnerships with the right people can propel a game to great heights. Loddlenaut is now available for players who have not heard of it, without its Kickstarter or appearance at Wholesome Direct.

Moon Lagoon’s new underwater pet-sim is now available to those who want to support it. The Loddlenaut Kickstarter will allow you to support the game, aiming to reach a new stretch goal just before the campaign ends. Loddlenaut has already received support from interested fans to reach its stretch goals, including adding seaweed farming and an aqua cooking mechanic. At the time of writing, an additional evolutionary form is being developed for the game’s cute toddler.

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