Bloober Team shoots down new Silent Hill rumors, but there’s still hope

Bloober Team, Layers of Fear’s studio, announced a “strategic cooperation agreement” with Konami last month. This fueled rumors that the Polish studio, which is well-known for horror games in Poland will develop a new Silent Hill. Internet sleuths discovered three codenamed projects at Bloober Team’s Creative Europe grants website. While none of them sound like Silent Hill games it hasn’t stopped some internet users from concluding that they are.
Bloober Team CMO Tomasz Gawlikowski responded to IGN queries. Gawlikowski addressed each of the projects, ruling out project H20 being anything especially exciting since it was the codename of Layers of Fear 2.

These other projects look interesting. Dum Spiro, a horror game that broke fourth walls set in Litzmannstadt during World War II was codenamed. The Creative Europe grant document states that the player assumes the role of an imprisoned boy who must overcome all odds to save his little sister.
This has been put on hold, at least temporarily. Gawlikowski stated that after many iterations of Dum Spiro we have concluded that it is not possible to deliver it at the moment in a format that is both commercially viable and sensitive to the topic. “Dum Spiro is not in active development right now.

Another suspect listing was for project “Black”, which is described as having an “unconventional mixture of the Middle Ages, alien species”, a concept that could have feasibly led to “spin-offs” in other historical periods.

However, don’t be surprised if the game doesn’t arrive soon. “The original idea for Black was also abandoned, and we are still working on a game under the codename. However, this project is very different from what you can see online in the last few days.”

Two games are currently in development at the studio, but they do not relate to current rumors. Gawlikowski stated that Bloober Team has two internal projects in development, one in production and one in pre-production. Both are larger than The Medium in scope, but neither is based upon themes or premises that have circulated online in recent days.

This isn’t an admission that Silent Hill won’t be making a Silent Hill title, but Gawlikowski was not forthcoming with IGN regarding the details of its relationship to Konami. Fans still believe Abandoned could be a Silent Hill title, even though rumors may help to alleviate some of the frustration. Konami, make a Silent Hill-style game.

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