Delight’ Category Dedicated to PS5

Delight' Category Dedicated to PS5

Delight’ Category Dedicated to PS5

There have been many categories of play over the years that Jeopardy was in existence. Gaming enthusiasts were recently treated to a whole category on the site. The latest episode of Jeopardy featured video games newPS5. J.D. was the one who read these clues. Witherspoon. The players correctly answered all of the questions. Jeopardy and Witherspoon fans have loved his appearance on the iconic show.

Each question in “Gamer’s Delight” is assigned a dollar value. Higher values are considered harder than lower value questions. Although some may argue that some questions are easier than others, this is generally true. This short section focuses mainly on the PS5 but touches on other subjects such as Pac-Man.

You can see the questions in action by watching the video below. You can have some fun guessing the answer by pausing the video after each question. Jeopardy contestants don’t all enjoy playing video games, so there are clues in the questions that may help you find the right answer. It’s great to see such questions on a show like Jeopardy. It helps to bring the gaming world to people who might not otherwise be interested.

Contestants will be asked to answer $200 questions about Astro’s Playroom. This was a preloaded program that came with every PS5 to show off its unique capabilities. This category’s $400 question goes deeper into gaming history and asks about Pac-Man. Contestants compete for $600 and are asked to determine who Ratchet’s partner is in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Contestants are thrown for a loop by the $800 question, which asks for information about Destruction Stars. Final question: Contestants will be asked to identify the PS5’s Solid State Drive and explain why it can load games fast for $1000.

The majority of the fan reaction to these questions was positive. Many were happy to see Witherspoon answer questions about gaming on Jeopardy. The contestants answered these questions quite well, so gamers weren’t forced to cringe while searching for the answer. Witherspoon indicated that he would love to be back on Jeopardy for another round.


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