Don’t hold your breath for Final Fantasy 16 at Tokyo Game Show

A producer for Final Fantasy 14 gave some details about Final Fantasy 16 during a very long livestream. He said that he didn’t expect to see it at the Tokyo Game Show in September/October.
But, it seems that development is moving at a good pace. Translation by Aita Kimochi of Twitch, all scenarios are complete and voice-acting for English is near completion. Perfectionism and a desire to not give away too much before Final Fantasy 16 are released will likely keep it from Tokyo Game Show.

Kimochi claims Yoshida spoke of the battle system and other “things that haven’t even been touched on yet”. However, that announcement will not be available until shortly before release.

Final Fantasy 16 is expected to be available on PC soon after the brief exclusive window for PlayStation 5. However, Sony has not yet confirmed this information.

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