New Scream 5 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Show Ghostface’s Return

New Scream 5 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Show Ghostface's Return

New Scream 5 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Show Ghostface’s Return

Scream 5You will be referred to as the titleScreamThe movie was first announced almost two years ago. It is now well on its way towards the big screen. The movie appears to be following in the footsteps of the slasher franchise—HalloweenByReturning to the original title for the first film in this series. The sound department has taken new photos for the film. They show a new look at Ghostface, the legendary killer.


Crew members have been sharing sneak peeks of the film via social media as post-production has just ended for Scream 5. Matt Bettinelli Olpin, co-director of Scream 5, tweeted that the movie had been completed. He also included a photo showing the opening title scene. Greg Russell, a mixer for the project, uploaded more photos from the final editing sessions to his Instagram account. You can also see the still image of Ghostface.

Fans of the original films are happy to learn that Scream 5 won’t change the original mask design, unlike the MTV version. Ghostface is shown in Scream5 images. This shows the iconic character as he was. The only thing that has been revealed is that a new killer or killers will wear Ghostface. The new film will be named in Wes Craven’s honor and hopefully does justice to the franchise.

The film will feature most original cast members, including Neve Camp as Sidney Prescott and David Arquette as Dewey Riley. Courteney Cox plays Gale Weathers, while Marley Shelton plays Judy Hicks. Some new cast members include Jasmin Savoy brown, Jasmin Ben Ammar, and Mikey Madison. Mason Gooding and Kyle Gallner are also included.

Scream4 was released in 2011. Wes Craven is still involved with the project. Ghostface was inspired by the film’s focus on Sidney’s visit to Woodsboro. Sidney survives the attack at the end 4. It is still unknown why Sidney might return to her hometown or what could be causing Ghostface’s fifth appearance.

Scream 5’s new cast members are often younger than the original cast. They could be the children of the original group. Maybe the story will continue through them. This could open the door to more Scream films.

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