Overwatch Fan Creates Custom Profile Icons For 20 Different Heroes

Overwatch Fan Creates Custom Profile Icons For 20 Different Heroes

Overwatch fans have plenty of ways to express themselves in Blizzard’s hero shooter. While skins, emotes, and sprays are the most popular options, one Overwatch fan has come up with some special player icons for a large chunk of the hero roster.

Overwatch has a massive number of player icons, with every event adding some new emblems to select. While some feature event logos and the adorable Pachimari plushies, a vast majority are geared toward the game’s cast of heroes.

Given that Overwatch’s hero roster is the main reason it has thrived so long, this makes sense, and players can choose from minimalistic images of each hero to profile icons based on specific skins. Chibi-style badges are also seen, something that Redditor Old-Biscotti647 pulled from with their custom icons.

The fan art kicks off strong with an icon centered around the cat-loving hero Brigitte, with a mint-colored background behind her. Brig can be seen smiling as a cat peeks over her shoulder, with this being a fine example of how Old-Biscotti647 gives each icon some extra love. McCree’s is another cool one, as it sees the gunslinger gritting his teeth with a sunset hanging in the background. Symmetra’s is also memorable, as it sees the hero with an unamused look on her face and some hard light in her hand.

The player icon for Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball is as adorable as one would expect, with the hamster’s eyes widening as a sailor’s cap rests on his head. Moira can be seen using her biotic orbs, while Genji and Hanzo look great because of their spirit dragons. In the former, a lone green dragon is seen, while two blue serpents wrap around Hanzo. A cute touch sees Widowmaker flipped upside down, with the chibi assassin taking on her iconic pose as she prepares to line up a shot.

The cuteness continues with a neat version of Mei as her robotic ally Snowball floats behind her head. A much larger robot accompanies the Overwatch hero Ashe, with Bob and the Deadlock Gang leader sharing an icon. In the last row, Sombra can be seen hacking, Tracer can be seen laughing, and Junkrat can be seen holding some explosives. Reinhardt’s image is special, as it is split between a helmetless Rein and one with protective gear. Finally, Orisa has a puppy in her icon, just like Brigitte had a cat.

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