Shrek’s house has been found on Hunt: Showdown’s new map

Hunt: Showdown’s swampy swamps are home to all kinds of beasties. However, none of them are as terrifying as the green ogre who supposedly lives on the DeSalle map.
The new map for the bayou royale was released to test servers recently, giving players a chance to explore the area before it is officially released later in the summer. Redditor Zzilla8 noticed an unusual resident in DeSalle and posted that he had found the shack for Dreamworks’ big green mascot Shrek’s home on the new map.

Zzilla8 suggests that you can locate the house of the big green guy on the bottom-left side of the map. The toilet that inspired a million Smash Mouth memes is located just to the left side of the main shack. Hunt: Showdown already has references to everything, from Back to the Future to Die Hard.
Hunt: Showdown is quietly establishing itself as a unique twist on battle royale. From its flawless audio design to the brutal shootouts Jacob has given us many reasons to give Hunt Showdown a shot for 2021. You might even get to meet a celebrity from the green world.

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