Summer Games Done Quick breaks its online record by raising nearly 3 million dollars

After seven days of events, the Summer Games Done Quick raised $2,897.704 for Doctors Without Borders. This is an increase on their previous online-only fundraising records.
Summer Games Done Quick is a bidding system that raises money for summer games. This allows people to donate money to reach challenge goals and change the rules of speedruns. One bidder donated $155.73 for the Inquisitor of a Dragon Age Inquisition run “Bingus”. Bids for “Anders”, Doggy, and “Honk” were unsuccessful but still donations. A total $51,038.82 was raised to allow Celeste to be played with a catgirl mod. Celeste is good, so quote: But what if Catgirl Madeline was there?

You can watch the VODs of any of the runs on Twitch and YouTube if you missed them. Games Done Quick events can be incredibly impressive due to the variety of games that can be speedrun. Sometimes it’s finding glitches or exploits. Other times it’s quick reflexes that are twitch-perfect and other times it’s deep knowledge of world geography.

If you want to make that 3 million figure, you can still donate to Doctors Without Borders via the Games Done Quick website.

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