Fall Guys announced its next season with a jigsaw puzzle

Fall Guys announced its next season with a jigsaw puzzle

After Mediatonic teased it with a jpeg puzzle, Fall Guys fans solved the mystery of the next season’s bean-stumbling battle royale.
Yesterday’s Twitter announcement by Fall Guys gave fans a hint about Season 5’s theme. They allowed their followers to download a 1,200-square-inch file that would be used to create next season’s key artwork.

It took players just over an hour to put the pieces together, and the official Fall Guys account confirmed that Season 5 would be Jungle Adventure. The artwork shows a glimpse at some new skins such as pirates, colonial explorations and oddball creatures, but we expect there will be a few new stages.

Fall Guys isn’t the only one to tease a new season via jigsaw puzzle. It appears that the community solved this puzzle in record time. Season 4 took the official Discord server over 10 hours to solve.

Season 4 of Fall Guys Season 4 will be over on July 20, and Season 5 of Fall Guys Season 5 will begin.

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