Gabe Newell expects Steam Deck to sell ‘millions of units’ but the pricing was ‘painful’ to pick

Gabe Newell expects Steam Deck to sell 'millions of units' but the pricing was 'painful' to pick

Gabe Newell expects Steam Deck to sell ‘millions of units’, but the pricing was ‘painful’ to pick

Today, Valve launched the Steam Deck portable computer. It is a beautiful piece of hardware, but it comes at a steep price: $399 for 64GB, $529 for 256GB and $649 for the 512GB. Gabe Newell, a Valve representative, said that the company is being aggressive with the pricing because the balance between performance and price “is going to become a critical factor in the mobile market.” He stressed that Valve was primarily concerned with performance.
Newell stated, “I want this to be picked up and said, ‘Oh it all works, It’s all fast.’ “Then, the price point was secondary, and it was painful. It was a crucial aspect of it. First, the performance and the experience were the most fundamental constraints that drove us.

Newell has high expectations for Valve and PC gaming in general, despite the high price.

He stated that “if we do this right, we’re likely to be selling these in millions of units, and it’s going to establish a product category in which ourselves and other PC manufacturers are going to have the opportunity to participate.” And that will have long-term advantages for us. This is how we think about it.

We don’t have a tie-in ratio. This means that we don’t say, “Oh, and then we must sell eight games for every one of these.” Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense. The real test is to determine if this product is the right product and if it is a great way for us to prove that the assumption of huge value to both game developers and players and expand the PC ecosystem in this direction. This is the most important test.

Epic Games competitor Tim Sweeney likes the handheld too. He calls it an “amazing” move by Valve.

Steam Deck orders will be available for purchase starting Friday, July 16th. Units are expected to start shipping in December. allows you to learn more about the unit and place your name on the waiting list if interested.


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