The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: How To Complete The Item Check Crush Side Quest

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: How To Complete The Item Check Crush Side Quest

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: How To Complete The Item Check Crush Side Quest

As well as being a skilled adventurer, Link is also very popular with the ladies, as evidenced by The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD’s Item Check Crush side quest. As the name of the quest might suggest, Zelda isn’t the only Skyloft resident with a thing for Link, with the Item Check girl Beatrice also developing feelings for the handsome hero over the course of his many visits to her counter.

Like most of the other side quests in the game, completing the quest will reward players with five Gratitude Crystals, which can be used to get wallet upgrades and other special items from Skyloft’s resident monster Bateaux. It differs from some of the other quests in Skyward Sword HD, however, because players actually get to choose how they complete the quest, although, for the most part, the result remains largely the same.

Assuming that players have already completed the Lost Child side quest and regularly visit the Item Check at Skyloft’s bazaar, the basic requirements for unlocking the Item Check Crush side quest will be met naturally over time. Players will know when the quest is available when the Item Check girl Beatrice starts calling Link “Darling” whenever he visits. For those who can’t wait, it is possible to speed up the process a little.

To unlock the quest early, players will need to speak with Beatrice and visit any bed in Skyloft and sleep until morning. They’ll then need to repeat this process multiple times, being sure to select positive options whenever a unique conversation with Beatrice takes place. After visiting her on seven or eight different days, she’ll begin to refer to Link as “Darling,” and players can finally get to work on initiating the quest.

With Beatrice completely infatuated, players will need to visit any bed, sleep until nighttime, and then pay a visit to Beatrice’s house. It’s just to the south of the Bazaar and is pretty easy to find, and players can even save themselves a journey by just sleeping in one of the beds there. Whichever they choose, though, they won’t be speaking to Beatrice during their visit, but instead, a man named Peter.

Some players will recognize Peter as the man who runs the Clean Cut mini-game on Bamboo Island, but he also happens to be Beatrice’s father. The proud parent has noticed his daughter’s recent change in behavior and is worried that she has gotten herself an unwanted admirer. He’ll ask Link to help him to find out who the lowlife is and scare them away, promising to reward the young adventurer with an opportunity to spend some quality time with the apple of his eye if he helps.

From here, players will need to sleep until morning and then return to the Bazaar to speak with Patrice again. She’ll ask Link to come to her house at night, so players should sleep until nighttime and then return to Beatrice’s house and begin another conversation with her whenever they’re ready. How exactly Link handles this delicate situation is now entirely up to the player, with two options available to them.

The fastest and easiest way to complete the Item Check Crush side quest is to repeatedly select the dialogue options on the right, basically telling Beatrice that Link feels the same way about her as she does about him. After responding this way four times, Beatrice will eventually accept that Link is telling the truth but acknowledges that a relationship is impractical at this time due to Link’s ongoing adventures down on the surface world.

It’s implied that something might happen between the pair once the world has been saved, and Beatrice will hand over five shiny Gratitude Crystals as a way of saying thanks. She’ll also continue to call Link “Darling” whenever he visits the Item Check, for those who were wondering. Not only is this the quickest way of getting the Gratitude Crystals, but it’s also the nicest, with the other option resulting in Beatrice balling her eyes out.

Those who believe that Link is destined to be with Zelda or are perhaps just not that into the Item Check girl can instead opt to choose the left-hand options when presented with dialogue choices repeatedly. This entails Link telling Peatrice that he only sees her as a shopkeeper and has no feelings for her whatsoever. Understandably, perhaps, this will cause her to burst into tears and ask Link to leave, and she’ll also stop calling him “Darling” whenever the two speak from here on out too.

With the pair’s “relationship” now completely broken off, players will need to sleep until nighttime once more before they can turn the quest in. If they’re not already there, they should return to Beatrice’s house and again speak with Peter, who is delighted to see that his daughter is no longer romantically entangled. He’s so happy, in fact, that he decides to give Link five Gratitude Crystals as a reward, all while his heartbroken daughter sobs silently in the background.

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