Valve has done “a ton” to avoid stick drift, increase reliability on Steam Deck

Valve has done "a ton" to avoid stick drift, increase reliability on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck by Valve, a handheld gaming computer, has received a lot attention. But the inevitable question about anything with a thumbstick these day is: When will they start to drift?
Valve said that he hopes it will not be too soon in an interview with IGN.

Yazan Aldehayyat, Valve hardware engineer, stated that “we’ve done tons of testing on reliability” in relation to the Steam Deck inputs. Aldehayyat stated that “I believe that this will perform really well.” It will make people happy. It’s going be a great purchase. We think that although every component will eventually fail, people will still be happy and satisfied with the product.”
John Ikeda, who was also a Steam Deck designer, said that Valve chose Steam Deck hardware with proven performance records. “We didn’t want to take any risk with that, right?” He said. “As I am sure our customers won’t want me to take a chance on that.”

Sony is under threat of being sued over drift issues with the PS5 DualSense controller and Nintendo has been plagued by stick drift issues since its release, so it makes sense that hardware engineers who design a gaming console should be concerned about reliability.

Check out our complete information about Valve’s Steam Deck, including price, specs, and other details. You can also read this history of Valve’s hardware adventures.

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