A Surprising Villain Could Be Used To Bring Other Spider-People Into The Marvel’s Spider-Man Universe

A Surprising Villain Could Be Used To Bring Other Spider-People Into The Marvel's Spider-Man Universe

A Surprising Villain Could Be Used To Bring Other Spider-People Into The Marvel’s Spider-Man Universe

Since the beginning of Marvel’s multiverse, it has been complex for decades. It combines many parallel realities that MCU movies have like.EndgameEven recent shows such as Ashok only scratched the surface. Never singe the Academy Award-winning movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseParticular attention was paid to spider-ManIt is a great IP to explore the marvel multiverse, especially when it allows multiple versions the iconic character to interact.

Spider-Man is a successful movie IP that has continued to be a success. Over the past few years, it has become one of the most popular first-party series on PlayStation. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales helped launch the PS5. While the Insomniac games are different from the movie and comic versions, one villain could bring more Spider-People to the series.


Miles Morales was originally introduced as Peter Parker’s successor in the comics, in a universe where Peter had been killed by The Green Goblin. In Insomniac games, Peter doesn’t die but mentors Miles after a spider bite gives him similar powers. However, the fact that there is already a Peter Parker or Miles Morales in Insomniac doesn’t mean the studio can’t add more characters from Spider-Verse to the games. An alternate, still-living Peter Parker was seen as Miles in the comics. Spider-released in 2012 on the 50th anniversary of Peter Parker’s debutAmazing Fantasy.

Spider-Men Peter Parker is thrown into Miles Morales’ universe by Mysterio. The movie’s version of the villain, Spider-Man Far from Home, was a fraud. However, the comic’s version of the villain is much more powerful. Spider-Men reveals that the Mysterio, who appeared in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man – where Miles made his debut – was in fact an android controlled by the Mysterio on Earth-616.

The Spider-Verse

Mysterio doesn’t appear in Spider-Man Miles Morales. However, the character did play a bizarre role in Insomniac Spider-Man PS4 games. In the first game, Peter meets Dr Stratton at a Halloween party. This clarifies that Mysterio is in the Insomniac universe and has fought Spider-Man enough for public recognition.

Mysterio could be used to introduce multiverse elements in the next Insomniac Spider-Man video game. These games are slightly different from the Spider-Verse movie but may introduce more Spider-People to fit the tone. This makes Spider-Ham and other sillier Spider-Man characters less likely to appear in the movie. However, the games could feature Spider-Gwen, Old Man-Spider, and many other Spider-Man variants from comics’ Spider-Army.

While the more genre-bending characters such as Spider-Man Noir or Spider-Man J may not be to everyone’s liking, they could allow Insomniac to take players to worlds with entirely different art styles. Although the first two games took place in New York City, these characters may offer an opportunity to reskin that city completely.

Although dealing with the Spider-Verse can present some challenges, the possibilities it opens up are vast and flexible, depending on the story being told. The master illusionist, Mysterio, was already mentioned in the first game. This could help expand the series’ possibilities, especially since the MCU is also rumoured to be taking Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into alternate realities. This could allow games to introduce characters or locations not seen in movies.

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