Ayaka’s Unique Kit Brings a New Playstyle to Genshin Impact

Ayaka's Unique Kit Brings a New Playstyle to Genshin Impact

Ayaka’s Unique Kit Brings a New Playstyle to Genshin Impact

For the 2.0 updateGenshin Impact is just around the corner and will take players to Inazuma. In addition to new quests, enemies and places to explore, miHoYo also revealed playable characters featured on event banners. Kamisato Ayaka is one of the most anticipated characters of Inazuma. Genshin ImpactSince her first leak, she has been in closed beta testing.

Ayaka will play an important role in introducing Inazuma to Genshin Impact Players. However, her unique playstyle is due to her kit. Ayaka’s abilities are based on the consistent application of Cryo elements, and her sprinting ability can infuse her attacks using Cryo. Ayaka is a quick-paced DPS character. She relies on her elemental skills and sprint to create continuous responses.

Who is Ayaka?

Ayaka is not yet officially released, but she has been teased since the closed beta testing of Genshin Impact. Ayaka will be a major part of the introduction of Genshin Impolplayers into Inazuma. She is, based on trailers and previews, the face of the region. Together with her Cryo vision, she wields a sword.

Ayaka is part the Kamisato clan of Inazuma. They are considered royalty due to their long history in martial arts and swordsmanship. She is responsible for the Kamisato clan’s internal affairs and external affairs. Ayaka is described as a kind-hearted girl who treats everyone with kindness. She is a perfectionist dedicated to Inazuma and has been admired for her willingness to help those in need. Ayaka comes from a different region, so there isn’t much information about her other than the Genshin Impact characters. This will make her storyline more mysterious until her release.

Ayaka’s Attack patterns, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst

Ayaka’s charged, and standard attack patterns are similar to those of most Genshin Impact sword owners. Ayaka’s standard attack pattern is five quick strikes, while her charged attacks use stamina and unleash a flurry sword ki. Her sprint introduces a mechanic that is different from other Genshin Impactcharacters. Ayaka is placed underground by the sprint, which allows her to move quickly on water and land. However, it is different because it gives Ayaka some buffs. After sprinting, Ayaka applies Cryo to her opponents and infuses her sword for five seconds with Cryo.

Ayaka’s elemental skill, “Kamisato art: Hyouka”, summons a circle of blossoming ice to launch enemies into the air. It has a short cooldown of 10 seconds and does a lot of damage, so it will likely make up the bulk of Ayaka’s rotation. Ayaka’s elemental blast is called “Kamisato art: Soumetsu” and summons a snowstorm that unleashes whirling, icy winds that propel Ayaka forward. Cryo damage will be inflicted on any enemy who comes in contact with the winds. The snowstorm will explode at the end of the burst and cause AOE Cryo damage.

Ayaka’s Passives And Constellations

Ayaka has two main passives in Genshin Impact: “Amatsumi Kunitsumi Sanctification” and “Kanten Senmyou Blessing.” The “Amatsumi Kunitsumi Sanctification” passive boosts the damage of Ayaka’s normal and charged attacks by 30 per cent for six seconds after she uses her elemental skill. The “Kanten Senmyou Blessing” passive gives a bonus 18 per cent Cryo damage bonus for 10 seconds when Ayaka applies Cryo to an enemy at the end of her sprint. It also restores 10 stamina, which will act as a nice refund during the sprinting part of Ayaka’s rotation.

As Ayaka is a 5-star Genshin Impact character, constellations will be difficult to unlock without spending money. Thankfully, they appear to be nice bonuses instead of necessities. Ayaka has three notable constellations: her first, second, and sixth ones. The first constellation is called “Snowswept Sakura”. It has a 50 per cent chance to decrease the cooldown of her elemental skill by 0.3 seconds whenever Ayaka deals Cryo damage through her regular attacks. The second constellation is called “Blizzard Blade Seki no To”, and it unleashes two additional whirlwinds during her elemental burst, which deal 20 per cent of the original storm’s damage. The sixth constellation is called “Dance of Suigetsu” which gives Ayaka a buff every 10 seconds, increasing her charged attack damage by 298 per cent. Upon using a charged attack, the buff will clear, and the timer will reset once again.

Ayaka’s Playstyle And Team Compositions

Ayaka’s unique kit revolves around consistent Cryo application to enemies through her elemental skill, elemental burst, and sprinting mechanic. Her rotation is different from other Genshin Impact characters in that she will need to weave in sprinting to infuse her regular attacks with Cryo. This means that she will benefit greatly from being in a team composition revolving around Freeze reactions and will make great use of a Cryo battery support.

Ayaka’s best team composition will be made up of Hydro supports that revolve around Freeze reactions. Her consistent Cryo application means that enemies can easily be frozen permanently. This means she will have more options in her supports, unlike previous freeze compositions that would rely on Chongyun’s Cryo infusion. Genshin Impact supports Mona or Xinqiu excel at Hydro application so Ayaka can easily freeze enemies and deal tons of damage together with a four-piece Blizzard Strayer artifact set. Since Ayaka’s elemental burst has a high energy cost, she will also need a Cryo battery support to help her recharge the particles. Cryo characters like Diona and Rosaria can help Ayaka maintain her energy consumption and bring important buffs or shields.

Unfortunately, it seems that Ayaka’s potential in a Melt composition is a little more limited due to internal cooldowns. Supports like Xiangling will do a lot of damage when combined with Ayaka, but it will require more planning and likely have a lower damage ceiling than Freeze compositions. Nonetheless, Ayaka’s strength is her constant Cryo application, and this opens up many possibilities for different Genshin Impact team compositions. As always, if players are unsure if they will enjoy her playstyle or mechanics, Ayaka will be available on a trial run when the Inazuma update is released.

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