Breath of the Wild: Keo Ruug Shrine Solution

Breath of the Wild: Keo Ruug Shrine Solution

Breath of the Wild: Keo Ruug Shrine Solution

The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the WildThere are 120 shrines scattered throughout Hyrule. These shrines can be found by players who seek them out to complete the puzzles and challenges inside. Players also earn valuable rewards. Link earns a Spirit Orb when they complete a shrine. Four of these can be traded for more health and stamina. This guide will help you find the answer—Keo Ruug ShrineInBreath of the Wild.

Each shrine in Breath the Wild contains at least one secret treasure. These optional treasures are usually in the form of a weapon or some other gear that Link can use to help him on his journey. All weapons except the Master Sword break. This guide will show players how to find the Keo Ruug shrine’s one optional treasure.

Keo Ruug Shrine Location in Breath Of The Wild

The Korok Forest is home to Keo Ruug Shrine. The player must follow the trail from the Master Sword’s pedestal. The Deku Tree’s roots will lead to Keo Ruug Shrine. This trial will not require you to complete the difficult shrine quest.

Keo Ruug Shrine

Keo Ruug Shrine challenges Link with a riddle regarding constellations and stars. Two columns can be seen from the top of the central pedestal. Each column is composed of five rows. Each row corresponds to a number between one and five. A constellation is located at the top of each column. It is up to you to determine which number corresponds with each constellation.

The answer lies at the back of the shrine’s far wall. Each column will have the same answer. The number of times that the constellation appears on a far wall. From left to right, the exact positions of the orbs can be found as follows:

  • Column 1Row 5
  • Column 2Row 3
  • Column 3Row 1
  • Column 4Row 2

Keo Ruug Shrine Optional Treasure

Keo Ruug Shrine has an optional treasure. Players will be rewarded with an additional puzzle if they solve it. Knight’s Claymore. Although not all of them are, the Best weapons in Breath of the wild doesn’t hurt to have backups just in case your main weapon is damaged in combat.

Upon descending towards the altar at the bottom of the shrine, players will notice a locked chamber to the right. Above the barred portion of the wall is a series of constellations. There are quite a few constellations, but observant players will notice that some constellations are repeating.

The cluster contains only four shapes, and the answer to the puzzle is determined by the number of repetitions. The secret treasure can be claimed by players who go back upstairs and arrange the puzzle as follows.

  • Column 1Row 4
  • Column 2Row 2
  • Column 3Row 2
  • Column 4Row 1

Keo Ruug Shrine is definitely one of the hardest shrines in Breath of the Wild, with a hidden solution that has stumped countless players since the game’s launch. With the Keo Ruug Spirit Orb and secret treasure obtained, though, players will be one step closer to full shrine completion and the rewards that come with it.

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