Classic GTA Mods are Being Pulled by Take-Two Interactive

Classic GTA Mods are Being Pulled by Take-Two Interactive

Classic GTA Mods are Being Pulled by Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two Interactive (Rockstar Games’ parent company) has been removing Grand Theft Auto classic mods since 2005 by a series of DMCA takedowns. Many modders were left frustrated and outraged by the sudden purges that took place over several days. Although the publisher has not yet explained the reasons behind the purge of these pioneering mods, it is not the first time it has taken a strong stand against the GTA modding community.

OpenIV, a well-known publisher, was infamously pressured by the publisher.Grand Theft Auto modding program,2017: Complete shutdown; however, due to the backlash from the community after the removal, it eventually reversed its decision and issued new guidelines for modders. It appears that it is going to repeat the same turn of events against modding. Community, as old as everGrand Theft AutoMods for PC were removed from ModDB as of July 17th, with many prominentVice CityAndSan AndreasModifications are no longer possible

Popular Grand Theft Auto 5 modders made this public, citing DMCA claims by publisher Take-Two Interactive. Twitter users silent posted the full details of the takedowns, including hypotheses and comments from mod creators.

These takedowns have been confusing for many because some of these mods date back over a decade. Rockstar Games even published an agreement in 2017 on PC GTA mods. This basically states that mods can be used if they’re non-commercial and only one-player. This is not the case, as “GTA Underground”, a popular mod that allowed players to explore the map from Vice City to Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (a single-player title) that was currently sixteen years old, has been removed.

The publisher has not made any public statements regarding this sudden change in heart. However, it appears that the agreement was updated in 2019. Take-Two Interactive also added a warning that it can ignore the restrictions without notification: “Take-Two reserves all rights to object to any third-party projects or to revise and/or withdraw the statement at their discretion at any moment.”

It is not clear why Take-Two suddenly pursues these mods for DMCA violation many years after they were posted. Many speculate that it could be linked to the long-rumoured classic GTAremakes. Some speculate it could be related to GTA 6, with a possible 2025 release. This is conjecture and should be viewed with some scepticism.

ModDB’s management tried to reach Take-Two for help, but the company was not responsive. ModDB is forced to comply with the takedowns for the moment.

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