Ninja Wants to Be in Pokemon GO Next After Raid: Shadow Legends Crossover

Ninja Wants to Be in Pokemon GO Next After Raid: Shadow Legends Crossover

Ninja Wants to Be in Pokemon GO Next After Raid: Shadow Legends Crossover

Tyler “Ninja”, Blevins, arguably the most well-known content creator in gaming, has experienced a meteoric rise and has been proud to lend his branding and likeness to many different games. The first appearance of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins as the skin was in Fortnite recently, and they joined forces with PopularMobile game Raid Shadow Legends? Ninja expressed his desire to be featured on another global phenomenon, Niantic’s.Pokemon GO.

After spending several years playing in the competitive scenes of Halo 3 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for many years, Ninja rode Fortnite’s success to the top and became the most popular streamer for the hit battle royale. Ninja has broken Twitch records in concurrent viewers and subscribers throughout his long career. Ninja has had many collaborations with major titles. Recently Ninja talked about his desire to work with Niantic on Pokemon GO.

Ninja spoke out in a ComicBook interview about his desire to be involved with Pokémon GO. Ninja denied any desire to be featured in the game and instead sought an opportunity to work with Niantic. Ninja shared his passion for the title and how Pokémon GO brings together like-minded players throughout the interview.

Ninja reflects on his experience with the game in a public setting and the feeling of meeting other players at the game’s “PokeStops”, where players can acquire more resources to use in their Pokemon-catching adventures. The sense of community the game instils in its players is something Ninja stresses throughout the interview, mentioning how he plays the game with his family and friends from his hometown. Recently, Pokemon GOThe first day of the annualPokemon GOFest with a bang, large-scale Rayquaza railfans of all ages was left stunned.

Ninja has appeared in many different types of content and even starred in his own graphic novel Ninja: War for the Dominions. So the thought of Ninja collaborating with the huge AR game would not seem far-fetched for the streaming star. Ninja has been a part of many collaborations, including Fall Guys’ Ninja-themed skin and winning the Content Creator of The Year award at The Game Awards. Although there hasn’t been any confirmation of a Ninja-Niantic collaboration, Ninja has enough star power for both titles to make fans excited about the possibility.

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