Black Adam Finishes Filming And Dwayne Johnson Is All Pumped Up

Black Adam Finishes Filming And Dwayne Johnson Is All Pumped Up

Black Adam Finishes Filming, And Dwayne Johnson Is All Pumped Up

Black Adam filming of ‘The DC Film Most People Don’t Know About’, which stars Dwayne John, is now complete. It’s a movie, at least. Fans might have new reasons to be excited soon, as Johnson seems passionate about the project that he and his team have achieved. It’s not bad for a film that was just produced.

Johnson took to Twitter to celebrate the wrap of Black Adam. Johnson celebrated Black Adam’s wrap with his usual high-energy style. He thanked all actors, crew members, and others involved (totalling more than 1,000 people) and Jaume Collet–Serra, the director. It was a great example of how his unbridled enthusiasm can translate into text. Those lightning bolt emojis were probably a big help.

Johnson concluded his tweet with an exaggerated (or even ominous depending on your perspective) statement: “The hierarchy of Power in DC Universe Is changing.” This seems to be referring to Black Adam’s legend, which dates back to 1945 in real life (and many centuries earlier than the DC Universe). It could be seen as a challenge to DC movies by anyone who doesn’t have the context. It could be like Final Fantasy vs. Dragon Quest. Different fans, same family.

The story of Black Adam is actually connected to that of Shazam. Before young Billy Batson met, that turned him into Zachary Levi. The wizard Shazam selected another champion to wield the power of his magic. The champion was a Teth-Adam from ancient Egypt who assumed the role of Mighty Adam. Adam, however, became the villainous and corrupted Black Adam. The future Black Adam movie appears to be set in the modern-day where the former hero struggles to overcome his evil ways to clear his name.

Black Adam is also an origin story for the Justice Society of America (JSA). It features Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Atom Smasher, Noah Centineo), Cyclone and Quintessa Swindell. Fate (played in James Bond style by Pierce Brosnan). This new angle will be fascinating after years of DC Universe focusing solely on mainstream heroes (and Shazam!), which is definitely not the best kind of interesting.

Let’s hope the film is another success for DC. Although it may seem like the market is saturated with superhero movies, they should keep making them as long as they are good. They can’t be stopped, but it’s not impossible.

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