Loki Drops Official Poster For Its Powerful And Mysterious Villain

Loki Drops Official Poster For Its Powerful And Mysterious Villain

Loki Drops Official Poster For Its Powerful And Mysterious Villain

This is it! LokiSThe first season of Marvel Studios’ Multiverse phase is finished. The studio will be eager to show off the many characters that were unlocked in this reality-shifting paradigm. Although Jonathan Majors is the star of the first display, Kang’s threads and not Kang might attract more attention.

Loki’s final solved many mysteries engendered by the series and answered a few WandaVision questions. However, that doesn’t mean the MCU is on a straight path. The biggest question is how Marvel Studios will adapt Majors’ Kang stories. His reveal was already accompanied by a few twists different from the comic book origins of both him and the TVA.

The official posters were shared by the show’s social media accounts. Majors’ character is now known as “He Who Remains”, but this confirms the show’s narrative. The Loki finale provided a glimpse at Kang’s story before he became He Who Remains. He may have been Nathaniel Richards, a scientist.

The poster clearly shows He Who Remains, an apple-loving man wearing the same robes in Loki’s finale. His blank stare is the same as Majors. Majors will have to play Kang’s conflicting versions throughout Ant-Man, the Wasp, Quantumania and possibly the upcoming Spider-Man, Doctor Strange movies.

The final straw for He Who Remains was the beautiful and treacherous Sylvie. However, he didn’t leave without telling Sylvie that he would be seeing her again soon. It isn’t easy to guess who Loki and Sylvie will meet, despite Loki being scheduled for a second season on Disney Plus. However, it is a known fact that the season won’t air before Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness premieres in March 2022.

Although the inner workings of the TVAs are not known, Loki decided to fuse the He Who Remains from the comics with Kang the Conqueror. Marvel may prefer the charismatic Majors for future versions of Kang.

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