All of Loki’s Video Game Appearances

All of Loki's Video Game Appearances

All of Loki’s Video Game Appearances

Marvel has enjoyed steady success so far with its Disney+ shows.WandaVisionThis was a great introduction to the new MCU format. The Falcon and Winter SoldierYou have provided a story that is rich with depth.LokiThis has opened the door for the rest to follow. In the first season of Loki fans is still clamoring to see more content about the God of Mischief. There are many sources.

The Loki Show took inspiration from comics for many of its story beats. However, gamers have plenty of options to get their Loki fix. Loki has been an antagonist throughout many games, even before attempting to infiltrate the MCU. In some cases, Loki has become more of an antagonist than a hero in recent years. Many MCU enthusiasts, both casual and hardcore, have been drawn to the God of Mischief. It’s worth looking at other games that offer more Loki.

Loki in Fortnite

Fortnite is a huge success story that can’t be understated. Its massive crossover events have helped the game take over the world. Marvel is home to the largest number of crossovers, with X-Men and Avengers making appearances. Loki, one of the latest Marvel characters to be added to Fortnite, is available through Epic Games Crew subscription service. Loki looks almost identical to his appearances in MCU. Using Loki to get a Victory Royale can be a great way to show his “glorious purpose.”

Loki in LEGO Marvel

The LEGO Marvel games offer crossovers that rival the MCU’s ambition. The games include almost every Marvel character from history in one family-friendly space. Loki has been regularly featured. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was the first LEGO Marvel venture. Loki was the antagonist, and players could unlock the God of Mischief to run around New York City. Although it’s a less raunchy version than the movies, his trademark attitude is still present.

Loki in Marvel Ultimate Alliance

One of the first big Marvel crossover games, The Marvel Ultimate Alliance series Loki has been added. He was only an NPC in the first game, which was more like his comic personality. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3Loki’s MCU counterpart was very similar. He is an antagonist at the beginning of the game. However, he is later betrayed and joins the heroes to become a playable character. Loki has some abilities that focus on his Frost Giant heritage. This is something that the MCU seldom touches anymore.

Other Loki Video Game Appearances

Many Marvel games can be accessed via mobile devices and retired consoles, which also feature Loki. While some of these games might not be available today, it is worth highlighting them to those who really need Loki.
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad
  • Marvel Avengers Alliance
  • Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
  • Marvel Contest of Champions
  • Marvel: Future Fight
  • Marvel Avengers Academy

Disney+’s Loki has been confirmed to return for a second season. This means that any Disney+ fans eager to see the next chapter of the story hopefully won’t be too long away. Loki is a beloved Marvel character. This is evident from the many video games that he has appeared in. These games may not offer answers to the future of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but they can provide Loki fans with something to keep them busy until the second season of Loki.

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