Fortnite world champ Bugha gets his Icon Series skin

Fortnite world champ Bugha gets his Icon Series skin

It was disappointing that we didn’t win the Fortnite World Cup last season, but it’s not impossible to blame Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, 2019 world champ for continuing to enjoy the spotlight. Bugha will finally get his Fortnite skin this time as part of the celebrity-filled Icon Series. Epic showed Bugha in his blue and black outfit on Monday.
Bugha’s Fortnite skin is dominated by the digitalized version of Zoey, his real-life pug, which he uses to make bling cosmetics. It’s so adorable, I could cry.
Bugha can wear three types of his outfit: one with his jacket and world champion jacket on, one without his jacket and hat, and one that provides an electric current to his jersey.
Bugha’s double-wielded pickaxes have Zoey, the pug’s name on them.

Bugha also has an emote that is based on his “homer grind” dance, which he enjoys on streams and that his family did right after his World Cup win.
Epic has also added a new LTM trio called “Bugha’s Late Game” to its roster.
Teams will be placed in the third storm circle using curated loadouts that encourage quick and ruthless eliminations as well as building skills. To qualify for the one-day tournament, you must earn at least 1500 hype point by July 28th. These players will compete against other players in their area for a part of the $100,000 prize pool.
Bugha’s Fortnite Icon Series skin will be available on July 20th at 8PM ET. It will be available in the item shop, and should cost between 1,500-2,800 V-bucks.
If Icon Series skins don’t appeal to you, we have a definitive ranking of the top Fortnite skins in July 2021. Make sure to grab the Lebron Fortnite skin.

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