Bloodborne PS1 demake absolutely nails the Father Gascoigne fight

Bloodborne PS1 demake absolutely nails the Father Gascoigne fight

After watching this Bloodborne PS1 demake, I have decided to stop waiting for a Bloodborne PC release. I want this game on the original PlayStation.
Lilith Walther, the coder, has said that this retro-fiction from FromSoftware’s horror action RPG has been in development for many years. Her latest update video showed just how far the project has come. This is a nearly exact recreation of Father Gascoigne’s boss fight. It includes the intro cutscene, Gascoigne second form, and remarkably detailed recreation of the UI.

There is so much to love about this game that I don’t know where else to start. It works. Even though it was not a PS1 game, the screenshots show that this could be a rare gem from the 1990s. This is a charmingly low-res version of Bloodborne’s depressing aesthetic. Look at those polygons on the gravestones. That blood splatter is amazing! If you said that Resident Evil 2 had it, I would believe you!

It sings too. It’s hard to find fonts that look like this anymore. And it’s incredible how everything fits onto the screen despite the small space and low resolution. Gascoigne’s rotating prompt for a riposte when our player is parrying off is my favourite part. That moment brought back memories of Neversoft’s PS1 Spider-Man games.

Gascoigne’s and the playable hunter move extremely smoothly. Gascoigne’s move set has been faithfully copied over, including gun and halberd combo attack attacks. Our Hunter swings the saw with familiar fervour. Even the demake has a regeneration mechanic, which allows you to regain your health by taking damage as soon as you get hit.

You can see the demake in action in this weapon and settings showcase or this short video highlighting the various enemies in the game. One more thing to gushing about: the skyboxes. Quintessentially PS1. Amazing stuff.

Indie Metroidvania Crowsworn has more Bloodborne inspirations. They have gathered some of the greatest Bloodborne artists to create an incredibly stylish vision.


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