Microsoft says it’s fixed an issue in Windows 10 Game Mode that ‘results in lower frame rates’

Windows 10 gamers who are experiencing issues with gameplay, including stuttering or lower frame rates than they expected, should not worry. There is a remedy. It’s possible, though. It is worth noting that this performance problem was caused by a Windows update in the past.
Some users were not fortunate enough to receive the cumulative Patch Tuesday update from Microsoft in April. It had a tendency to trash frame rates and cause games to stutter without any apparent rhyme or reason.

Several complaints were raised following the rollout. One user claimed that they experienced “consistent stuttering” in Doom Eternal on a computer with a Ryzen5 3600 CPU and a GeForce RTX3070 graphics card.

“I believe I have the same problem. “My performance in Warzone has dropped from 90 to 75 frames per second (on average) since yesterday’s Windows upgrade,” another user wrote.

Good news: Some people were able to resolve the problem with this month’s Patch Tuesday update. (KB5004327). But not all users have had the same luck. Windows Latest discovered that some Windows 10 users are still experiencing performance issues even after installing the most recent cumulative update. This was just a week ago.

“I am still experiencing gaming performance problems since KB500842. Reddit user: “Somebody at Microsoft needs to resolve this problem.” “The solution is to change your power plan to High Performance, but I prefer to keep my power plan on the Balanced power plan… This is frustrating.”

Windows 11 does not seem to have the same problem, although it is currently only in preview. Even though it will be released later in the year, you could argue for waiting to upgrade to see what inevitable issues might still arise.

Microsoft believes it has found the cause. Microsoft has not provided much information about the problem, but the release notes (21H2) for a Windows 10 feature update suggest that a permanent solution is on the horizon.

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