Respawn is hiring for a ‘brand new singleplayer adventure’

Respawn Entertainment is a small but ambitious studio that has created games such as Titanfall, Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi the Fallen Order. Mohammad Alavi, the creative director, posted on Twitter this afternoon that he is currently working on a “brand new singleplayer adventure” and linked to job listings for combat, level, and technical designers.
What’s on the horizon is not revealed in job descriptions. For instance, the Lead Technical Game Designer listing states that the project is “a designer’s dream paradise with an unlimited freedom to invent because of the unique universe it lives in.” However, they do mention that things are still in the early stages of development. “The project is still in its early stages. You will be able to take ownership and use substantial ideas and features from blue sky conceptualization to shipped games.”

Respawn Entertainment is developing a new single-player adventure. We are a small but ambitious team that has a history of making big dreams come true. Join us!

These job listings, which you can view on Respawn’s Careers site, fall under the Singleplayer Incubation Team (which is distinct from the New Game Incubation Team) category. You can even cross roles: For example, both projects need senior combat designers. The roles are quite different. For example, the New Game Incubation Team listing has specific requirements for collaboration and direction, as well as work with Unreal Engine 4 to “implement character animations and script behavior trees, special effect, and system tuning.”

The Singleplayer Incubation Team listing focuses more on conceptual aspects: “Be instrumental to defining and iterating the core loop of game.” It explains that combat goes beyond the ‘fight’ itself to include how you approach it, initiate and recover from it as well as how you regroup, grow, and progress through iterations. Collaborate with other departments and designers to share ideas, optimize scope and create polished gameplay that exceeds expectations.

It could be any of these: A single-player Apex Legends (which would be awesome), another Star Wars (Respawn is already known as being working on a Star Wars sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order), and Titanfall 3. Apparently Titanfall 3 was also in development at one time but was canceled after Apex Legends’ success.

I reached out to Respawn in an effort to find out more information about the situation. While I don’t believe it will happen, I will keep you posted if it does.

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