How To Make Sonic Mania Full Screen

How To Make Sonic Mania Full Screen

How To Make Sonic Mania Full Screen

Retro-styled games are not always published or put on platforms in the way that modern gamers want. The technical issues that used to hold back titles from the ’90s no longer exist. Retro games can’t overcome certain characteristics that make them retro, even if they are remade completely from scratch. This would negate a lot of the nostalgia that makes these games so popular.

Retro games that are published on different platforms have a common problem: the window size and resolution. This is because this type of game has lower resolution requirements. This can result in the default windowed mode of games on PC being annoying tiny compared to a gamer’s monitor, even if it looks fine when scaled up to encompass one’s entire screen.

This is the default behaviour when you launch Sonic Mania via Steam. However, there are ways to get around it.

How to switch from windowed mode to fullscreen mode

The developers of sonic ManiaIt is important to understand that most people won’t like to use a window half the size of a typical monitor screen. One opens the game to find themselves at the main MenuThey should use there are many options.

Select from thereVideoTo open the menu for the visual aspects of the game; one can adjust it to their liking. You will find the fourth option, “Full ScreenPlayers will most likely search for “first. So, change this to the “ON” position to cause the game’s instant switch into Full-Screen mode.

How to make Sonic Mania always open in full-screen mode

How to Find the Correct File

One does not have to switch if one does not wish manually.Sonic ManiaTo force the game to launch in Full-Screen mode, players can modify a setting file that allows them to make subtle changes to launch in Full-Screen mode. You should call the file you are trying to modify.Settings.iniThe file path should be the following:

  • [Your Computer]> > [Your Hard Drive] Steam Games > steamapps Common > Sonic Mania

What changes can you make to the file?

Players will need to make three changes, but they are not difficult. Only touch the lines of text that are specified! Below are the lines that need to be modified and how to make them simple.

  • [windowed=y]CHANGE TO[windowed=n]
  • [border=n]CHANGE TO[border=y]
  • [exclusiveFS=y]CHANGE TO[exclusiveFS=n]

Once you have made these changes, close the game, and it will start in Full-Screen mode whenever it launches from Steam.

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