Max Payne’s original face and voice team up to prove that 20 years later, he’s still got it

Although it’s difficult to believe, Max Payne is now twenty years old. He was the neonoir shooter who gave us bullet time and outrageous dialog. Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake joined Max Payne voice actor James McCaffrey to celebrate his big birthday.
Lake was the author of Max Payne. But he is also known for his pasted-on grimace. This was likely to be a rage face that ended up closer to finding something on your bottom. Although the look was altered for Max Payne 2:The Fall of Max Payne, Lake’s mug remained a kind of instantly recognizable “Max Classic.” McCaffrey’s voice can be identified with the character. However, Rockstar originally wanted McCaffrey to not appear in Max Payne 3. This was because he sounded older and more beaten down for the movie’s portrayal of a more broken-down Max. This decision was rightly overturned.

We got these gems from the wonderful collaboration of actor and writer:

  •  The end of the world was a cliche after Y2K. Who was I to speak, a brooding underdog avenger against an empire of evil out to right a grave injustice. Everything was subjective. There were no personal apocalypses. When it happens to you, nothing is a cliche.
  •  This was not a moment of glory. This was not something I asked for. Trouble was coming to me in large dark swarms. They were like gold dust in this place, the good and the innocent. I had no illusions. They were wrong. I wasn’t a hero. Only me, the gun and the crook. My options were now limited to one course.
  •  It didn’t matter how smart or good you were. It was chaos, luck, and anyone thinking otherwise is a fool.
  •  Gognitti ran low on steam in a dead valley. Steam boiling from the sewer grates, it was like the fires of Hell were burning right under us. It was shakedown.
  •  Collecting evidence was becoming a tedious task a few hundred years ago.
  •  There was no minotaur in this labyrinth. But somewhere out there on the clanking deck his cargo freighter, the skipper at the Charon was waiting like the ferryman from the River Styx.
  •  A bullet bearing Nicole Horne’s name was mine. I had ten million bullets with Nicole Horne’s name on them. Her ultra-high-tech security system, sufficient mercenaries and weapons to start World War III were all of hers. There was no fear.
  •  At your funeral, you will be able to read your rights.Max Payne is my favorite.

    I have said it before, but only recently. Max Payne 3 is a worthy series addition. It also provides great quotes. “I’d killed many cops than cholesterol, and still no sign Becker.” It wasn’t my first realization that I should have reviewed the plan more thoroughly, but it was too late now. This is the best place to get in if you’re looking for a safe place to jump in.

    Andy Kelly remarked that the original is still a masterpiece of action. He said, “Time hasn’t dulled the game’s sense of humor, attention to detail and gloriously cinematic combat.”

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