Genshin Impact: How to Remove the Juvenile Antics Left on the Thunder Sakura

Genshin Impact: How to Remove the Juvenile Antics Left on the Thunder Sakura

Genshin Impact: How to Remove the Juvenile Antics Left on the Thunder Sakura

After breaking the image Furnace barrier in the Tatara Tales quest world, Genshin ImpactPlayers will find many new world quests in the Tatarasuna area. The Shrine Maiden Miyuki can help you find one of these quests. She is located south of the Kujou Encampment Waypoint.

After Genshin Impact players have spoken with Miyuki, they will be given the task of restoring Thunder Sakura trees damaged during the long fighting in the region.

The player’s first objective will be to investigate the Treasure Hoarders nearby, who have been observed near the Thunder Sakura trees. Before continuing, players will need to defeat a few Treasure Hoarders.

After talking with one of Treasure, Hoarders, players must now return home to Miyuki to inform her about the plot to harness tree’s enethe rgy. Players must now locate five Thunder Sakura trees and get rid of the “juvenile antics.”

To complete the quest, players must remove the foreign objects from each of the Thunder Sakura trees. This is accomplished by using the Traveller’s elemental sight ability near the Thunder Sakura trees.
 With elemental sight, players will be able to see a blue energy pool in the vicinity of the tree. The player must then stand in the blue energy pool and have the tree shoot lightning at the blue energy pool’s location.

Players must avoid the blue pool, which can cause serious injury to their health. Three blue energy pools must be struck by lightning each tree.

Once all the blue energy pools have been struck with lightning, the player can now remove the foreign object that is in the Sakura tree.

You can find the first Thunder Sakura tree directly west of Miyuki.

North of the Kujou Encampment Waypoint, you will find the second Thunder Sakura Tree.

The third Thunder Sakura tree is found north of the Tatarasuna Statue of the Seven.

The fourth Thunder Sakura tree can be found at the waypoint close to Xavier’s position.

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