Finding Nemo Gets A Lot Darker With These Theories

Finding Nemo Gets A Lot Darker With These Theories

Finding Nemo Gets A Lot Darker With These Theories

Finding NemoThis animated Pixar movie from 2003 features talking fish. The story is about Nemo, a young clownfish who is captured by divers after he disobeys Marlin. He then gets dangerously close to a speedboat that is not protected by the reef. Marlin lost Coral, his wife and mother (and Nemo’s father), while Nemo was still a baby egg. Marlin is, therefore, understandably protective. Finding Nemo the highest-grossing G Rated FilmThe movie has been viewed over a million times and is known for the famous line “Just keep swimming”.

This is what a fish might say. But after the end of the film, it has a new meaning. Many fans of the animated classic think Marlin may have more in common with Dory than they first thought. They might also have some mental illness. Dory suffers from acute short-term memory loss (a hereditary trait), and some fans think Marlin is suffering from grief and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Another theory is that Nemo doesn’t exist, and Marlin is in denial. His entire family was just brutally killed. In theory, Marlin hides from the barracuda but then realizes and simultaneously denies what just happened. Marlin searches desperately for any eggs that may survive, but he doesn’t find any and is desperate for good news. His mind creates Nemo, the last egg to survive and grow up to be slightly impaired by genetics or attack.

Marlin suffers a mental breakdown on Nemo’s first day at school. The teacher Mr Ray tries to explain to him his imaginary child, but Marlin’s fight-or-flight response kicks in, and he sets out to search for Nemo, who he subconsciously believes does not exist. Perhaps Nemo represents Marlin’s will to “just keep swimming”, and when he runs away after a panic attack, Marlin has to find his son Nemo–or his will to keep living. Marlin’s imaginary son Nemo is not suspicious to Dory, who can’t remember everything. Marlin was there for Dory in theory, and they helped each other out when needed.

Another plausible theory is that Marlin, in his drive to protect his son, is still overprotective and suffers from PTSD. Because of his father’s constant worry, Nemo also has some anxiety. Nemo is an example of people with deformities. This second theory suggests that Finding Nemo is a story about a child who finds it difficult to accept help.

Like Jacques and Gurgle from the dentist’s office fish tank, other characters in the film are representations of obsessive-compulsive disorder because of their need for cleanliness–or control. Deb, another fish from the tank, sees her reflection and considers it her “sister”, who is always in tune with her. This could be considered dissociative identity disorder. Anchor, Chum and Bruce are shown at an AA meeting because of their addiction to eating fish. They claim that fish are friends, not food.

Another message from Finding Nemo may be to overcome obstacles, look past our differences, and be kind to each other no matter what. The last theory is more entertaining and is similar to Finding Nemo and The Shining. Clownfish can be aggressive when they are restricted to small areas and can attack and kill each other. If eggs are not fertilized correctly, they will begin to decay so that clownfish will eat the eggs of others. Marlin may have been paranoid about the outside, so he kept his home safe. He was trapped in the tiny space, and he murdered his wife. He was desperate for food and ate all the eggs.

There are two possibilities. Either Marlin ate every egg except one before coming to his senses, or he ate them all and then suffered a mental breakdown similar to the first. Finding NemoThis movie is great for all ages. However, it may be more enjoyable to watch the movie as an adult while trying out these theories. Although each theory has its flaws, it’s still entertaining to imagine the dark and secretive meaning of a seemingly innocent movie.

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