Neverwinter: Jewel of the North Expansion Hands-On Preview

Neverwinter: Jewel of the North Expansion Hands-On Preview

Neverwinter: Jewel of the North Expansion Hands-On Preview

NeverwinterCryptic Studios’ action-oriented dungeons & DragonsThe original launch of the MMORPG in 2013 is still strong. This summer, Cryptic will release a major update to the game. Game Rant was recently given a preview by Cryptic for the Jewel of the North expansion. This new content will be available for free. Neverwinter July 27, there will be several quality-of-life improvements and the long-awaited bard classes.

Bards are a D&D staple, and Cryptic is hoping to provide players with an expressive, heavily customizable take on the archetype that tabletop players will find familiar. With a kit designed for deft swordplay, high mobility, and a touch of magic to augment damage and party support, the bard class stands as one of Neverwinter‘s most versatile offerings. You will feel right at home if you are a natural-born performer, rakish minstrel, or jack of all trades.

The expansion will add singing sword-slingers to the game. Still, it will also completely overhaul the early levelling experience, bringing new characters up to speed quicker and removing the tedious grind required to prepare for epic-level content. The game will also receive graphical upgrades, new loot, lutes, and other improvements.

Song and Sword And Sorcery

The crown jewel of Jewel of the North is the bard. People who like classes with complex action sequences or intricate input sequences (such as Final Fantasy 14’s Ninja class) will be able to engage in battle fully. Performance mode is the bard’s signature ability. Players must perform songs in battle by either typing notes or using the quick ability slot to play a particular song automatically. Bards need quick reflexes, some memorization and skilled positioning to get the best out of their abilities. Standing in Area of Effect damage during a song can be fatal.

As a result, bards do not feel like an obvious choice for beginners – especially for players who are migrating from tabletop to video games for the first time – but they aren’t indecipherably complex either. Players should feel comfortable with the mechanics after just a few days of playing. This is due to the updated tutorials and beginning. One of the existing classes would be more suitable for players looking to survive in melee or blast enemy from afar.

Cryptic’s greatest achievement, given the goal of making bards feel “expressive,” is how characterized the class feels, both in combat and out. It’s like a movie or novel by Alexander Dumas, with sword fighting. Bards can use performance mode to spell cast and strum their instruments in a tavern and sing to entertain friends.

A love letter to the forgotten realms

Neverwinter is an older title. While some particle effects can feel distracting and outdated, the world, characters and textures are sharp and detailed. Cryptic performed what it calls a “performance audit” on Jewel of the North. This included retouching all textures and skyboxes across all platforms. Although combat is not as dynamic or modern as Genshin Impact titles, it feels more active than traditional MMOs’ ability rotation-based play. Neverwinter is a great alternative to World of Warcraft for players disenchanted by the game, especially if you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons.

Neverwinter was initially built on a 4th Edition basis. Cryptic has since updated the game to make it more compatible with the 5th Edition tabletop experience. The player will eventually reach twenty levels of power. They will start by killing skeletons, then rise to defend Neverwinter. Finally, they can go on to explore the Feywild or Avernus.

Cryptic excels at bringing the feel of the Forgotten Realms to life, with content that includes legendary characters like Drizzt Do’Urden and The Companions. Although the voice acting is sometimes a bit too much, it’s still within the range of a D&D campaign. Quest lines include fantasy fixtures such as sentient talking great swords and dracoliches. There are also dungeons filled with twisty passages and mountains of glittering gold. The world is a mix of the whimsicality of a magic items emporium and the deadly serious, fate–of-the-realm stakes one would expect from a tabletop campaign.

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