Every Resident Evil Virus, Parasite, and Disease Explained

Every Resident Evil Virus, Parasite, and Disease Explained

Every Resident Evil Virus, Parasite, and Disease Explained

Resident evil used to be all zombies and those who fought them. There was also mad science and deadly politics between Umbrella’s higher-ups and their criminal and corporate rivals. Since then, the series’ lore has grown significantly with revelations about Umbrella’s true nature. Resident EvilEven in the most recent game, the universe’s diseases and companies continue to emerge.

It’s not easy to keep up with all the information, but fans have done their best. There are many important and non-important viruses and mould, and parasites that can impact a game’s events. They are discussed in the Resident Evil games’ stories, lore and history up to Resident Evil Village. This includes spoilers for all Resident Evil games.

Progenitor Virus

The Progenitor Virus was the first to cause it all (before RE Village added a prelude). It was discovered by Dr Edward Ashford and Dr James Marcus on December 4, 1967. This virus is responsible for almost every major virus in Resident Evil history. The only known enemy that has been able to stop this virus so far is Lisa Trevor, an invulnerable character introduced in Resident Evil Remake. It could cause animals to grow larger and more aggressive, much like the T-Virus descendant. However, it is not known if this caused some of the huge animals in the first Resident Evil.


The T-Virus (or the Tyrant Virus) is the most famous virus in Resident Evil and the main source of all its zombie outbreaks. It is also responsible for creating Umbrella’s Bio-Organic Weapons, or B.O.W.s, and therefore iconic monsters such as the RE1 Tyrant and Mr X, Nemesis and Albert Wesker’s human body. According to the games, Dr James Marcus created the Tyrant Virus at Arklay Management Training Facility in September 1978. This strain was created by combining the Progenitor Virus and leech DNA. It has remained constant throughout the series.

T-Virus can infect any tissue. Even dead tissue. After a certain point, there is no distinction between living and dead T-Virus infected people. The hosts become aggressive and hungry when certain brain parts are destroyed, and others are sent into overdrive. They can also potentially mutate further into Crimson Heads and Lickers, which become more beast than man.

Variants of the T-Virus

Many people will copy a famous original. First was the veronica Virus in Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Alexia Ashford created it by synthesising the Progenitor virus with the gene of an ancient virus-bearing queen ant. It was safe to administer to her via cryogenesis. This resulted in the unique name t-Alexia. The NE-T Virus is the specific strain used for the Tyrant project and was used to create Mr X and Nemesis: B.O.W.s that could follow simple commands.

The t-Cameron virus was created to be a T-Virus vaccine by and for its only (and probably non-canon) host, Dr Cameron. Her consciousness survived even after she died, and she was able to shapeshift. T-JCCC203 was developed to treat cancer. It then killed its host. Other strains, such as t–Abyss or t–Phobos, were also created. These made superhumans and aquatic monsters.

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