Other Horror Games That Need Revivals Like Dead Space

Other Horror Games That Need Revivals Like Dead Space

Other Horror Games That Need Revivals Like Dead Space

Horror movies and games don’t often capture the feeling of dread that should be a hallmark of the genre. Even some highly successful series didn’t have major sequels. This was the case with dead Space? Up until a few days back, it was announced at EA Live Play 2021 that Motive Studios, a Canadian studio, would be releasing a remake for next-generation consoles. Fans of the saga have waited for this for a while, but it’s finally here. Dead SpacePlayers, it’s not a sequel, but there’s potential for the remake also to be used to restart the franchise and release eventually. Dead Space 4.

Dead Space, and particularly the first instalment, have always been regarded as one of the best horror games ever made. Dead Space has many good points. It also strayed a little from the jump-scares of other titles, which means that the game delivers more disturbing and creepy vibes throughout. It’s quite terrifying to be alone in space on a spaceship inhabited by frightening creatures. All the while wondering what happened to your significant other. The remake of Dead Space will make this possible with consoles that have been greatly improved. With the new-generation consoles’ improved loading speeds, graphics and performance, there are many other worthy games, including the Silent Hill series.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill hasn’t seen a new game in ages, much to the dismay of all the fans that the series garnered over the years, and the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S would be perfect consoles to have a remake and relaunch of the franchise. Silent Hill: Downpour was the last mainline title released in 2012. However, Silent Hill 2 is most likely the most appropriate remake. It is still a top-rated horror game (and within the series).

It was released twenty years ago. To say that the game would benefit greatly from the PS5’s and Xbox Series X/S’s power would be an understatement. Konami would have been remiss if they missed this opportunity, considering Silent Hill 2’s success.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a classic horror game loved by fans of story-driven thrillers and horror players alike. It was released in 2010, but its sequel was cancelled. Remedy Entertainment’s work on the sequel became the basis of Quantum Break, a second game by the Finnish developer. It was also revealed that the three games were connected in the “Remedy Connected Universe” (RCU). The haunted writer Alan Wake returned to Control in style and was revealed as a key player in the events.

Dino Crisis

Horror fans may be familiar with the original Dino Crisis, one of Capcom’s most bizarre and frightening games. It was the game’s last instalment back in 2003. Dino Crisis 3 was the third. Now it is time for the “Resident Evil with dinosaurs” to return with a new adventure. Because it was the most original of the bunch, the first instalment would be the best candidate. There would also be plenty of room for sequels and other entries in the series. Dino Crisis featured some alarming and gory scenes. The dinosaurs also had well-made sounds, which made the experience even more haunting.

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