Your new favourite indie in five words: Fully destructible sword-wielding robots

After four years of Steam Early Access, Clone Drone is now available for PC and consoles. Clone Drone’s hook (sorry, can’t say it fast, I’ll make mistakes eventually) is that it’s an automated third-person sword fighter where any part can be cut off.
This is not the first time that I have seen voxels being used to create ‘fully destructive’ gameplay. However, it is the most playful. You can equip your robot using more common weapons, such as giant hammers or flame-throwing dinosaurs. I don’t know how to equip a dinosaur. I would like to learn more.

Clone Drone offers a single-player adventure game. The fifth and final story chapters will be released today for those who have been following along. Online co-op, online against, and cross play are available for all players.
Already, a passionate community has grown during Clone Drone’s Early Access build. There are over 30,000 levels in Steam Workshop.
Clone Drone can be found in the Danger Zone of Steam.

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